Chocolate Excess Cake and Strawberry Cheesecake at Cocoa Tree MG Road Kochi

Cocoa Tree MG Road – Best Cafe in Kochi

Back in 2005/2006, Cocoa Tree introduced the cafe culture to Kochi and ever since has been serving delicious coffees, pastas, burgers, milkshakes, pastries, cakes, sandwiches and more.

Located within the Avenue Regent Hotel on MG road, Cocoa Tree cafe has set the tone for the newer cafés in Kochi city and in Fort Kochi in terms of quality of food, great service and ambiance.

While the menu of Cocoa Tree has evolved since 2005, it’s current avatar is still a beacon of tasty food, even for the odd vegetarian 😉

Fish and Chips at Cocoa Tree MG Road Kochi
Fish and Chips

Must Eat:

  • Spicy Fries and Potato Wedges: fried and seasoned to perfection, the potato fries and wedges are supremely delicious. What I don’t understand is that both are not on the Menu, yet you can order them 😳
  • Chocolate Excess Milkshake: thick, rich chocolate excess cake based milkshake churned with loads of vanilla ice cream – heaven !!
  • Vietnamese Iced Cafe: the best cold coffee on the menu, great balance of coffee and sweetness.
  • Basil Pesto Pasta: pesto sauce on the creamy/cheesy side – very delicious 
  • Mushroom Melt Sandwich: one of the best sandwiches loaded with grilled mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, cheddar cheese and basil mayo 😋
  • Loaded Mac and Cheese: very rich, creamy and yumm.. 
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries – master class 😍
  • Chocolate Overload with scoop of vanilla ice-cream: if you are a chocolate fan, this is the ultimate chocolate dessert they offer – bloody damn good!
Basil Pesto Pasta at Cocoa Tree MG Road Kochi
Basil Pesto Pasta 😋
Chocolate Overload with Vanilla Ice-cream at Cocoa Tree MG Road Kochi
Chocolate Overload with Vanilla Ice-cream 🤤

Useful Information:

  • Read the Menu: Especially If you are a vegetarian, as some seemingly veg food may have a non-veg ingredient.
    • Ex: Loaded Mac & Cheese is topped with with bacon pieces – so ask them to not add the bacon topping OR give the bacon topping separately in a bowl 
  • Ordering the Desserts: desserts on the menu are limited, check out the display counter for more options of cakes, pastries and ask them pair it with your fav scoop of icecream and chocolate/caramel sauce
  • Ambiance
    • Air conditioned cafe with comfortable seating and pleasant ambiance 
    • Suitable for friends, couples, family and kids
    • High chair for kids: available 
  • Service: The entire staff are warm, hospitable and easy going 👍🏻
  • Restroom
    • Clean, separate toilets for men and women are present
    • Wheelchair Accessibility:
      • Restroom: Yes
      • Entrance: Yes
      • Seating: available 
  • Home delivery of food: available on popular food delivery apps
  • Parking:
    • Cars: free parking with valet assistance in the backside of Avenue Regent Hotel + limited parking spots on the front side of the cafe
    • Motorcycles: free parking in the backside of Avenue Regent Hotel
  • Mode of Payment: Accept cash, cards and UPI 
  • Timings: Open all days of the week: 11am to 11pm
  • Location: Cocoa Tree, MG road, Kochi [link to Google Maps]
  • Other Branches of  Cocoa Tree:
    • Panampilly Nagar
    • Kakkanad (Closed Permanently)
Inside Cocoa Tree MG Road Kochi
Pleasant vibes inside the cafe ❤️
Shifu's Veg Momos Platter with the view of Central Park at Panampilly Nagar Kochi

Best Momos in Kochi at Shifu Momos Panampilly Nagar

Steamed, Fried, Schezwan, Manchurian, Afghani and even Cheese Baked” veg and chicken momos that taste out of world 😋, washed down with bubble ice tea and the nostalgic softy ice cream – all this is in a small shop overlooking a beautiful park 😍 in the posh residential-commercial neighbourhood of Panampilly nagar in Kochi.

As with most momos shops, Shifu Momos started in 2012 as a small roadside cart that has now grown into a bustling full-spec takeaway restaurant.

While most make good chicken momos, Shifu Momos have aced them both (veg and chicken momos) 💯.

Veg Afghani Momos and Veg Momos Platter at Shifu Momos PanampillyNagar Kochi
Veg Afghani Momos (half plate) and Shifu’s Momos Platter 🥰

Must Eat:

  • Classic Momos: steamed momos made to perfection 💯
  • Crispy/Fried Momos: lip smacking fried delight 😋
  • Schezwan Momos: steamed momos are fried and then cooked in spicy schezwan sauce – my favourite ❤️
  • Afghani Momos: latest addition to their menu, fried momos cooked in a non-spicy, creamy white sauce
  • Cheese Baked Momos: momos stuffed with melted cheese 
  • Momos Platter: if you are a 1st timer, go with Shifu’s Momos Platter that contains 3 different types of momos (4 pieces of each flavour)
  • Bubble Ice Tea: Very tasty, loaded with sugar and bobas 
  • Softy Ice-cream: Soft ice-cream on a cone – choose between vanilla, chocolate, mix (half vanilla + half chocolate) 
Best Momos in Kochi at Shifu Momos Panampilly Nagar
Shifu’s Momos Platter – Veg 😋

Useful Information:

  • Momos Chutney: All momos are served with lip-smacking spicy red momos chutney and thick, delicious white mayo – feel free to ask for a refill 😊
  • Chowmein: They used to make chowmein noodles topped with momos, but this has been discontinued 😢
  • Be an early bird: due to demand, they run out of momos by 7pm/730pm
  • How to order
    • Choose between veg or chicken
    • Choose the size [full plate is 10 pieces, half plate is 5 pieces]
    • Followed by the flavour/type [Classic/Crispy Fried/Schezwan/Manchurian/Afghani/Cheese Baked]
    • Pay first and collect your order
  • Ambiance
    • Takeaway only [get the food, find a spot to eat by the footpath/public park opposite the shop/ in your car]
    • NO dine-in
    • Listed on popular food-delivery apps
  • Restroom: NO restroom facility for the patrons
  • Family/Couples/kids friendly:
    • Opposite Shifu Momos is a beautiful public park to relish the food
    • ⚠️ Kindly DO NOT litter the park, carry back the thrash to throw into the dustbins at the momos shop ⚠️
  • Parking:
    • No dedicated, valet parking for cars and motorcycles 
    • Find a public parking spot on your own for both cars and motorcycles 
  • Payment: Cash, UPI, wallet payment, debit/credit cards are not accepted 
  • Timings
    • Open: Monday to Saturday- 3pm to 8:30pm
    • Closed: Sunday
  • Location: Shifu Momos, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi [Google Maps link]
Shifu Momos Panampilly Nagar Kochi

The combination of quality, delicious food and pocket-friendly prices draw momos fans from every corner of the city and even travellers into Shifu Momos.

Masala dosa with jamoon and vada at Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room DVG road Basavanagudi Bengaluru

Breakfast at Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room Basavangudi Bengaluru

Crispy masala dosa, fluffy khali dosa, crunchy vada dipped in delicious sambar coupled with the retro ambiance of Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room restaurant on DVG road Basavangudi delivers a nostalgic breakfast experience of good-old south Bengaluru.

Mahalakshmi tiffin room is reminiscent of my school days when social sharing meant sharing the table at the restaurant inevitably improving our conversation skills with people 😊

Interiors and old school ambiance of Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room DVG road Basavanagudi Bengaluru
Old-city retro ambiance 🥰

Must eat:

  • Khali Dosa
  • Masala dosa
  • Vada: one of the best vada in south Bengaluru, super crispy, tasty and the sambar is very flavourful
  • Special dosa: it’s triangle-shaped masala dosa with a dollop of butter on top
  • Sagu Masala dosa: available only in the morning, it is Masala dosa stuffed with mixed-vegetable Sagu instead of the potato-based palya
  • Bonda soup: available in the evening only

For the sweet tooth ❤️

  • Jamoon: the best Jamoon in and around Basavangudi – absolute deliciousness 😋
  • Carrot Halwa: tastes good, but Jamoon is a master class
  • Kesari bath: very delicious and not overly sweet
Khali dosa with butter at Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room DVG road Basavanagudi Bengaluru
Benne Khali dosa with filter coffee 😋

Useful Information:

  • Ambiance:
    • Be prepared to share the table with strangers
    • Separate dining section for family
    • Non- AC
    • Basic retro, no-frills ambiance that thrives on delicious food and fast service
    • Family and kid’s friendly
  • Mode of payment: Cash only (They do not accept UPI, wallet-payment, credit/debit cards)
  • Parking:
    • Motorcycles: free, public parking in front of the restaurant
    • Cars: no dedicated or valet parking – one of has find public parking in the vicinity of the restaurant (finding a car parking space is tough, since the area is crowded with shops, street vendors and road repair works)
  • Service:
    • No online/phone reservations is accepted
    • How to order: Find a table, place the order with the waiter and pay the bill at the counter after eating
    • Service is fast and the waiters are polite
    • Riding helmets: they have a separate space inside the restaurant to keep the helmets
    • Weekends are very crowded, more peaceful to eat on a weekday
    • Large groups of 5+ people: Anticipate a waiting time of 15-20mins or more to find a table
    • Food Delivery: Not listed on any food delivery apps, once has to go in-person to the restaurant to parcel the food
  • Timings:
    • Thursday to Tuesday: 6:30 am to 11:30 am and 2:30 pm to 8:00 pm
    • Closed on Wednesday
  • Location: Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room, DVG Road Basavanagudi (Find on Google Maps)
Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room DVG road Basavanagudi Bengaluru
Mushroom pizza at Baba Au Rhum Anjuna Goa

Baba Au Rhum – Best Cafe in Anjuna North Goa

Named after the rum-infused French dessert, Baba Au Rhum is a French cafe-restaurant, bakery, pizzeria in Anjuna, North Goa.

Its claim to fame is the delicious fare of english breakfast, coffees, pizzas, breads, cakes, burgers, croissants, pasta, craft beer – augmented with great music and outdoor seating under the trees overlooking a paddy field.

Hummus Platter with Fried Mushroom at Baba Au Rhum Anjuna Goa
Hummus Platter with Fried Mushroom 😋

Must Eat:

  • Hummus Platter with Fried Mushroom: This starter served with bread and veggie sticks is absolutely delicious, especially the hummus 😋
  • Plate of French fries: Served with 3-dips of tomato ketchup, mayo and mustard sauce –  the fries are very tasty and compliment the beer
  • Eggplant Parmigiana (Veg): Thin slices of eggplant layered with tomato sauce, fresh basil and plenty of parmesan and mozzarella cheese – supremely delicious. Hands-down the “best veg main-course on the menu” 😍
  • Mushroom Pizza: Thin-crust 13-inch pizza, loved the taste and texture of the pizza.
  • 4-Cheese Pasta (Veg): If you are a cheese-lover – don’t miss this, extremely cheesy and delicious pasta
  • Vietnamese Coffee & Cold Coffee: Loved them both, right balance of coffee and sweetness
  • Croissants: This is the best croissant in Goa – choose between a regular or an almond croissant
  • Baguette Sandwich & Croissant Sandwich: While we couldn’t try these, most of the patrons and staff vouch for their deliciousness.
Eggplant Parmigiana at Baba Au Rhum Anjuna Goa
Eggplant Parmigiana 😋

Useful Information:

  • Best Cafe for breakfast, after late night partying in North Goa
  • Don’t miss the  Bakery and Desserts Menu at the cafe entrance
  • Online/Phone Reservations to book a table: Not accepted
    • Anticipate a waiting-time at the cafe, since it gets crowded during popular hours especially during the tourist season
  • Staff is very helpful and polite
  • Alcohol and Smoking Info:
    • Full-bar menu of Cocktails, Wines, Hard-liquor, Craft Beer (tap and bottled) and Branded bottled beer are available
    • No Hookah 
    • Smoking inside the cafe is allowed [No separate smoking and non-smoking areas in the cafe]
  • Ambience
    • Casual, Non-AC, Outdoor cafe with music, 
    • Family and Kids-friendly: Yes, but limited [since there is no separate smoking/non-smoking areas]
  • EV Charging Point: Not available for cars & 2-wheelers
  • Wheelchair Friendliness:
    • Entry and seating areas of the cafe are accessible by wheelchair
    • Wheelchair Friendly Toilets: Not available
  • Parking:
    • Cars: No valet parking, one has to find a car parking spot on his/her own around the by lanes of the cafe
    • Motorcycles: can park right outside the cafe
  • Toilets: clean, separate western-style toilets for men & women are present in the cafe
  • Hours of operation:
    • Tuesday: Closed
    • Wednesday to Monday: 9 am to 5 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm
  • Billing Info:
    • 22% VAT is added to all alcoholic beverages
    • Service charge is added to all food, beverage orders (along with CGST & SGST)
  • Mode of payment: they accept Cash, Credit/Debit Cards and UPI
  • Location: Baba Au Rhum, Anjuna, Goa [Google Maps Link]
Plate of fries at Baba Au Rhum Anjuna Goa
Plate of fries with 3-varieties of dip 😋

Due to the pandemic – the quality of the food across the other popular cafes has deteriorated with the change in cooking staff and other reasons. However Baba Au Rhum has managed to retain the delicious taste of food since.

If you don’t mind the smoking, Baba Au Rhum ticks all the right boxes of delicious food, lovely ambience, great stuff and good music to deliver a wonderful dining experience in North Goa

Cafes that serve the Best Hot Chocolate in Bengaluru

Best Hot Chocolate in Bengaluru

Its Hot Chocolate Weather in Namma Bengaluru 😍

☕️ Discover the cafes that serve the best hot chocolate in Bengaluru and how to identify a cafe that makes great hot chocolate ☕️.

How to find a cafe with great hot chocolate?

It’s all about the ingredients – before ordering a hot chocolate, ask the waiter/cafe owner/chef on what they add to the hot chocolate.

  • Stay away if its a hot chocolate/cocoa powder especially the ones you get in a supermarket 
  • The main ingredient of a decadent hot chocolate is good quality ‘dark-chocolate bar’ or ‘dark-chocolate chips
  • Cafes with delicious, rich hot chocolate make a ‘Chocolate Ganache mixture’ (a thick paste made of quality dark chocolate bar melted with butter, fresh/whipped cream, milk and sugar in secret proportions), this chocolate ganache determines the thickness, flavour and % of dark chocolate in the hot chocolate drink 

☕️ The below list of cafés in Bengaluru making delicious, rich hot chocolate use good quality dark chocolate bars/chips and not ready-mix cocoa powders to create a sinful indulgence.

Smoor Lounge – Multiple outlets across Bengaluru

It’s an expensive affair, but their pastries, desserts, cakes are delicious nonetheless.

Attentive staff and plush, comfortable ambiance.

  • Types of hot chocolate served : Belgian Classic Dark, Classic Milk, Spiced hot chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel Hot Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Cafe 
  • My favourites: Spiced Hot Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Cafe
  • Price: INR 230 to 250
  • Location: Smoor Lounge across Bengaluru (Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Koramangala, Kamanhalli, RMV 2nd Stage)
  • Parking: limited private parking Smoor customers for motorcycles and cars 

GroundUp Coffee, Jayanagar and Residency Road

The new wave of coffee shops that procure, roast and serve coffee from single-origin heritage estate. Limited food/snack menu, decent coffee (hot, cold, cold-brew), but their ice teas and hot chocolate are brilliant.

Cafe ambiance is good, more inclined towards a working cafe, than a place to relax with friends.

  • Types of hot chocolate served : Signature Hot Chocolate 
  • My favourite: Signature Hot Chocolate 
  • Price: INR 240
  • Location: They have 2 outlets
  • Parking: free public parking for motorcycles and cars
Signature Hot Chocolate at Ground Up Cafe Jayanagar Bengaluru
Signature Hot Chocolate at Ground Up Cafe

Happy Belly Bakes – Multiple outlets across Bengaluru

Delicious all day breakfast, crepes, pizzas, waffles, pastas, quiches, kombucha, Ice teas and an array of desserts such as pastries, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, cheesecakes, gingerbreads, cake sickle and cupcakes 😋.

The Primrose road outlet (near Trinity Metro Station) sports a mini-library with comfortable seats, cosy interiors and friendly-staff.

  • Types of hot chocolate served: Hot Chocolate, Dark Hot Chocolate
  • My favourite: Dark Hot Chocolate
  • Price: INR 140
  • Location: Happy Belly Bakes across Bengaluru (Primrose Road, Benson Town, Indiranagar)
  • Parking: limited private parking Happy Belly Bakes customers for motorcycles and cars

Lavonne Cafe, St Marks Road

Everything they serve is delicious – croissants, coffee, pastas, pastries, sandwiches, english breakfast, ice tea and more 😋.

Complimenting the delicious food are the ever-polite staff and comfortable, pleasant ambiance of the cafe.

  • Types of hot chocolate served: Classic, Raspberry, Peanut butter Hot Chocolate – all served with marshmallows
  • My favourite: Belgian Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows (Classic)
  • Price: INR 250
  • Location: Lavonne Cafe, St Marks Road (Google Maps link)
  • Parking: paid public parking for motorcycles and cars 
Best Hot Chocolate - Classic Belgian Hot Chocolate at Lavonne Cafe Bengaluru
Classic Belgian Hot Chocolate at Lavonne Cafe

Aloha Drinking Chocolate, Indiranagar

They make ONLY Drinking Chocolate and its extremely delicious 😋. They serve hot and cold drinking chocolate with generous amounts of dark chocolate, made with organic milk and no thickening agents. They even have Vegan Hot and Cold drinking chocolate.

Order via Swiggy/Zomato or Takeaway only (No Dine-In).

  • Types of hot chocolate served: Classic, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Chilli, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Orange, Coffee (Choose between organic milk or vegan milk)
  • My favourites: Classic Hot Chocolate, Chilli Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (all with organic milk)
  • Price: INR 218 to 268
  • Location: Aloha Drinking Chocolate, Indiranagar (Google Maps link)
  • Parking: free public parking for motorcycles and cars 
Turkish bread with hummus Tomato bread and olive salad at Turkish Central Restaurant Doha Qatar

Delicious Turkish breads Shawarma and Fresh-fruit Juices at Turkish Central Restaurant Doha Qatar

Established in 1988 by Mr.Bedi Kizilkaya, Turkish Central Restaurant on Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street serves delicious fare of Turkish, Arabic and Mediterranean food.

From Appetizers such as assorted Mezze platter, hummus, salads, French fries etc to main course grills, Turkish breads, shawarma sandwiches, shawarma meals, BBQ with rice, Pies (Fatayar), fresh fruit juices and even sweets like Kunafa – they have them all and they make them absolutely good!!

Plate Chicken Shawarma meal with kebabs bukhari rice turkish bread and fresh mango juice at Turkish Central Restaurant Doha Qatar
Turkish Breads, Fresh Mango and Strawberry Juice, Plate Chicken Shawarma Meal, Bukhari Rice and Kebabs…

Fret not if you are a Vegetarian – their assortment of breads (Turkish breads, tomato bread etc), hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush, olive salad taste supreme over the non-vegetarian fare.

Loaded with grilled shawarma, pickled veggies, tomato breads, lots of French fries – their plate chicken shawarma meal tastes brilliant and even the smallest portion seemed daunting (after gorging on the Turkish breads and hummus – slurp!!)

Must eat:

  • Mixed Appetiser: a vegetarian platter containing 6 different types of Arabic mezze such as hummus, Olive salad, baba ghanoush, garlic sauce, chilli salad, filtered yoghurt etc [the best accomplice to eat with meat/Turkish breads/French fries]
  • Plate Chicken Shawarma Meal: this is the best shawarma I have tasted so far!
  • Fresh Fruit Juices: Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon, Kiwi etc – they have at-least 10-15 types of fruit juices
  • Kunafa: cheese kunafa is delicious – perfect sweet to finish the meal 🙂
  • Garlic mayo or Garlic sauce : this dip used to be complimentary, but now they charge extra (best dip to eat – don’t miss to order)
  • Hummus: smooth and flavourful
  • Olive Salad: a simple salad made of green olives- brilliant !

Useful Information:

  • Ambiance: Basic, fully air-conditioned restaurant
    • Separate section for family
    • Family, kids friendly + best visited in a group
  • Complimentary Bread basket: With every order, a bread basket containing Turkish bread, Tomato bread etc is served – which is absolutely delicious, we gorged on this and later had to parcel most of the main course 😀
  • Bukhari Rice: If you are an Indian, don’t order, since the Bukhari rice is non spicy and tastes flat (the Turkish, Arabic breads beat the rice in taste)
  • Expect a waiting time outside the restaurant, don’t get worked up by the queue, the food is worth the wait 🙂
  • Avoid Thursday evening/night – it gets very crowded and waiting times kinda become infinite
  • Food Service is quick, Don’t hang around, be considerate of the people waiting outside to eat
  • Parking:
    • Cars and motorcycles: no dedicated parking place + No valet parking + finding parking on the road is tough
    • Recommend to park them near Al Mirqab Mall and walk to the restaurant
  • Service options: Dine-in, Delivery and takeaway
  • Accessibility:
    • Wheelchair accessible parking: NO
    • Seating: NO
    • Restroom: NO
  • Payment: cash and cards (credit and debit)
  • Timings: Open all days of the week – 11am to 1:30am
  • Toilet: Present, separate for men and women
  • Location: Turkish Central Restaurant, Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, Doha [Google Maps Link]
Turkish bread with hummus Tomato bread and olive salad at Turkish Central Restaurant Doha Qatar
Tomato Bread, Hummus, Olive Salad & Turkish bread – just brilliant !!

Turkish Central Restaurant is the beacon of fresh, delicious, value-for-money Turkish, Arabic, Mediterranean food in Doha.

Bring your best appetite to eat, get as many friends/family to share the meal 🙂

bil-hanā’ wa ash-shifā’ 🙂

Best Gadbud icecream in Kumta at New Simla icecream parlour Kumbeshwar road

Best seafood lunch and ice-cream in Kumta Karnataka

Kumta is a bustling town surrounded by Arabian Sea on the west and Aghanashini river to the north that ultimately meets the sea – creating a triple ecosystem of sea, freshwater and estuarine fishes to savour 😀
While I haven’t encountered a “bad” (read NOT FRESH) seafood in Kumta, one seafood restaurant stood out.

Utsav Hotel, Kumbeshwar temple road, Kumta
Popular among locals, Utsav Hotel is a small, no-frill restaurant serving delicious fare of Mangalorean-style seafood at very economical prices.
A fish thali costs INR 70 !!

Best fish thali and chicken ghee roast in Kumta t Utsav Hotel
Best fish thali and chicken ghee roast in Kumta
  • Must eat: Fish Thali, chicken ghee roast, Anjal masala fry, prawns fry
  • Ambiance: non-AC, family and kids friendly
  • Parking: no dedicated parking space for cars and motorcycles (motorcycles can be parked in front of the hotel, not possible for cars)
  • Mode of payment: Cash, UPI
  • No toilet for men and women
  • No soft drinks are available
  • Timings: 11:30am to 3:30pm and 7pm to 10pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: Utsav Hotel, Kumta (Google maps link)
Utsav Hotel Kumbeshwar road Kumta Karnataka
Utsav Hotel, Kumta

With the main course over, next building houses a popular ice-cream shop serving delicious Gadbud ice-cream 🙂

New Simla Ice-cream Parlour, Kumbeshwar temple road, Kumta
Hidden in a basement, they serve the best Gadbud ice-cream in Kumta.

Best Gadbud icecream in Kumta at New Simla icecream parlour Kumbeshwar road
Best Gadbud ice-cream in Kumta
  • Must eat: Gadbud, Lighthouse ice-cream
  • Ambiance: non-AC, family and kids friendly
  • Mode of payment: Cash, UPI
  • No toilet for men and women
  • Timings: 10am to 9pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: New Simla ice-cream parlour, Kumta (Google Maps link)
New Simla icecream parlour in Kumta Karnataka
New Simla ice-cream parlour in Kumta

After such a meal, walk down to the beach to relish the sea breeze and catch a nap under a tree 🙂
Or if you aren’t lazy , head to the beautiful Mirjan Fort about 15kms from Utsav Hotel.

Useful Information on Mirjan Fort:

  • Mirjan fort is located about 15 kms from Kumta
  • Best mode of transport: motorcycle/private car , there are buses/auto-rickshaw which ply from Kumta to the fort
  • There is NO entrance fee to visit the monument
  • Parking: speak to the shops outside the fort to allow parking of the car, motorcycle and return the favour by buying snacks, cool-drinks, tender coconut etc
  • Fort Timings: 9 am to 6 pm (all days of the week)
  • Carry water, sunglasses and a hat while visiting Mirjan Fort
  • Fort-tour guide: Not available
The magnificent Mirjan Fort in Karnataka
Mirjan Fort – you beauty!!
At maravanthe beach - motorcycle touring on a Hero Karizma
Mandatory photo stop at Maravanthe beach
Fish meals with prawns rava fry and sole fish masala fry at JK Fishland Yediyur Jayanagar Bengaluru

Best Konkani Mangalorean sea food in Bengaluru at JK Fishland Yediyur Jayanagar

JK Fishland is an obscure small restaurant in Yediyur Jayanagar, but once you taste their Konkani-Mangalorean style of sea food – you would think twice of taking that “Mangalore food-trip” to satisfy the seafood craving.

Started 12 years ago, JK Fishland looks like a typical south-Indian darshini shod with steel chairs, cash-counter at the entrance and huge images of food-items over the open-kitchen counter.
But looks are deceptive, their seafood curries, fry and fish meals are lip-smacking and outdo the distinguished veterans such as Hotel Fishland, Kudla, Mangalore Pearl etc – in taste and price.

Chicken ghee roast with Neer dosa

Must eat:

  • Fish meals: thali containing boiled rice/white rice, 1 Neer dosa, 1 Bangda rava fry, fish curry, palya/subzi, chutney, buttermilk and a shot of rasam – all this for INR 90 only!!
  • Prawns ghee roast: this is master-class!! The best in Karnataka!!
  • Chicken ghee roast: the same ghee roast masala but with cooked boneless chicken (if one of allergic to shell-based fish – this is the best alternative)
  • Neer dose (1 plate contains 4 Neer dosas)
  • Sole fish masala fry
  • Anjal fish masala fry
  • Prawns rava fry: while the fry is delicious, the accompanying green chutney is the perfect side-kick
Absolute heaven!! – Fish thali with prawns rava fry + sole fish masala fry

Useful Information:

  • They serve soft drinks – such a meal is incomplete without them 😀
  • Buttermilk: can be ordered separately, best drink to calm a spicy meal!!
  • Seating is limited to 20-25 ppl at once (total of about 5/6 tables only)
  • Avoid weekends and peak lunch-time – it gets crowded (be an early bird and reach at 12pm/12:30pm for a more relaxed dining experience)
  • Taste of fish curry is way better than chicken curry
  • Ambiance: non-AC, family and kids friendly
  • Wheelchair access to restaurant: Yes, but the dining area is very small
  • Wheelchair access to toilet: No
  • Toilets: No toilets are present at the hotel for men and women
  • Parking:
    • Cars: no dedicated parking or valet parking (lots of by-lanes around the restaurant to park)
    • Motorcycles: no dedicated parking – one can park on the main road of the restaurant
  • Mode of payment: cash, UPI and cards (debit and credit) are accepted
  • Desserts: not available – there are lots of ice-cream and pastry shops in Jayanagar
  • For the Vegetarian: best to avoid – their entire menu is seafood and chicken only
  • Location: JK Fishland, Yediyur, Bengaluru (Google maps link)

Supremely delicious and affordable Konkani/Mangalorean seafood in Bengaluru.
Can’t wait to go again!!

Anjal fish masala fry

Mixture and snacks at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly Karnataka

Breakfast and snacks at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly SH169 Karnataka

Since 50 years, Hotel Bhuvaneshwari in Bajegoly has been a popular food-stop for locals and travellers due to its delicious food and a super clean kitchen.

Located in Bajegoly town, on the highway connecting South Kanara Border, Sringeri, Kudremukha, Kalasa, and Hornadu to Belthangady – Hotel Bhuvaneshwari serves a delicious fare of:

  • South kanara breakfast regulars – Neer dosa, poori bajji, idly-vada, Mangalore buns, biscuit rotti, goli bajji, pulav and more
  • lip-smacking condiment snacks – mixture, tukudi, murukku etc
  • Sweets – sanjeera, malpuri, laddu, jalebi etc
Puri bhaji breakfast at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly Karnataka
Simple and delicious puri bhaji
Mangalore buns and neer dosa for breakfast at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly on SH169 Karnataka
Mangalore buns and neer dosa – a staple breakfast of South Kanara

Must eat:

  • Mangalore buns
  • Neer dosa
  • Biscuit rotti
  • Puru bhaji and chutney
  • Goli bajji (served only in the evening)
  • Sweets such as sanjeera, malpuri (all sweets are served with a handful of fresh mixture)
  • Mixture: made fresh everyday by the masterchefs – the mixture and other savoury condiments are Super crisp, fresh and tasty (DO NOT forget to parcel multiple packs of mixture for the journey ahead :))
  • Kashaya: ditch the coffee or tea for a cup of this hot herbal drink that’s super soothing and tasty
Malpuri or malpua sweet at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly Karnataka
Mangalorean style of Malpuri or Malpua

Useful information:

  • The hotel is crowded over weekends by locals and tourists (expect a waiting time for large group or during peak time)
  • They also sell regular snacks like biscuits, chocolates, cool drinks, ice-cream etc
  • Ambiance: non-AC, family and kids friendly seating
  • Large groups: be prepared to sit in different tables and share your table with strangers (unlikely that the entire group would get a combined table)
  • How to order: find a seat, order with the waiter, eat and then pay for the food before leaving at the hotel entrance counter
  • Wheelchair Access to restaurant: Yes
  • Wheelchair access to toilets: No
  • Toilets:clean and separate toilets for men and women are available
  • Parking:
    • For cars and motorcycles: free parking at the entrance of the hotel
  • Mode of payment: cash and UPI (no cards are accepted)
  • Timings: 7am to 8:30pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: Hotel Bhuvaneshwari, Bajegoly town, Karnataka (Google maps link)
  • The road to Hotel Bhuvaneshwari (SH169)– from Mangalore/Karkala/Nitte/Katpadi is very-well-laid tarmac offering stunning views of the Kudremuka range – best relished on a motorcycle 🙂
Stunning views of the Kudremukha national forest range between Karkala and Bajegoly SH169 Karnataka
Enroute Bajegoly – stunning views of the Kudremukha national forest range!!
Karkala to Bajegoly highway SH169 - one of the best-roads and scenic highways to ride a motorcycle in South Kanara Karnataka
SH169 – One of the most scenic highways to ride in South Kanara Karnataka

Simple ambiance, fresh food, snacks and reasonable prices make Hotel Bhuvaneshwari a must-stop hotel on the Mangalore-Sholapur highway(SH-169) in Karnataka.

Mixture and snacks at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly Karnataka
Do not forget to pack some mixture for the journey ahead
Ride to Kudremukha and Bhagwathi Nature Camp on a Hero Karizma
What lies beyond good food – even better vistas!!
Enroute Bhagwathi Nature Camp after Bajegoly
Achari paneer tikka at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram Bengaluru

Best soya chaap and lassi in Bengaluru at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram

Your search for the most authentic and delicious fare of vegetarian-only punjabi kababs and lassi in Bengaluru ENDS HERE.

Best soya chaap in Bengaluru at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram
Best soya chaap in Bengaluru!!

Located in Kumara park west, Sheshadripuram, Patiala Lassi is an easy-to-miss restaurant with its deceiving looks as a regular “milk-and-curd shop” (they do sell them :D) offering lip-smacking punjabi BBQ starters across paneer, mushroom, broccoli, soya chaap, pineapple, snacks like aloo tikki, chole kulcha and different types of lassis – regular, dry fruit-based and fruit-based lassi.

Choose the veggie and the seasoning for the BBQ amongst: Achari (most spicy), Hariyali (medium-spicy) and Malai (cream-based, least spicy).

Aloo tikki at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram Bengaluru
Aloo tikki chaat

Must eat:

  • Soya chaap : The best soya chaap in Bengaluru and rest of south India. Tastes so good, it’s even better than some of its counterparts up north and in Delhi [Dont miss – achari soya chaap and malai soya chaap]
  • Achari paneer tikka: soft, melt-in-the-mouth fresh paneer, marinated in achari-masala and BBQ’d on charcoal – beats all the paneer starters in Bengaluru
  • Aloo tikki: the perfect fusion of fried aloo tikki, curd and mix-mash of achari, imli, chaat masala – this one is for the curd-lover!!
  • Lassi: hands-down the most rich, delicious lassi in Bengaluru. While they offer close to 7-10 varieties of lassi, my personal favourites are khova lassi, dry-fruit lassi, sweet lassi
  • Malai mushroom tikka: mushroom and cream-based seasoning is a match made in heaven – absolute deliciousness!!
Achari paneer tikka at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram Bengaluru
Most delicious achari paneer tikka in Bengaluru!!
Kesar badam lassi at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram Bengaluru
Kesar badam lassi

Useful Information:

  • Patiala Lassi has 2 outlets in Bengaluru – Sheshadripuram and Sanjaynagar
  • Offers dine-in (no seating, only standing) and delivery (via popular food delivery partners)
  • Avoid standing “very-close” to the BBQ grill, since the ash from the charcoal tend to fly and settle on the food
  • They sell paneer, khova, curd etc by weight (highly recommend to buy the paneer, it’s super fresh, but slightly expensive than branded ones)
  • Chole Kulcha: I didn’t like the taste, while the Kulcha was soft and good, the chole lacked flavour 🙁
  • Pineapple BBQ: while this is not available on the menu and on a regular basis – they will prepare this upon prior order (via phone) and based on availability
  • Ambiance: basic, non-AC restaurant
  • Wheelchair Access: No
  • Toilets: No restrooms for men and women
  • Parking for cars and motorcycles: no dedicated or valet parking space for both. Being a busy road, finding car parking is challenging
  • Mode of payment: cash and UPI
  • Timings: 10am to 10pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: Patiala Lassi, Kumarapark West, Sheshadripuram, Bengaluru [Google maps link]

Go with a massively hungry I bet you would eat 2-3 times your normal capacity.