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Ride de Hampi

History and mythology come to life in the magnificent ruins of Hampi or Hampe, drawing travellers for centuries. The Tungabhadra river dissects this region into:

  • historic” ruins of the once mighty Vijayanagara empire as Hampi
  • mythologicalvanara kingdom of Kishkindha from our Indian epic Ramayana

Motorcycle Ride to Hampi from Bengaluru:

  • Route: Bengaluru > Chitradurga > Hospete > Hampi
  • Road conditions: excellent Dual carriage highway to ride a motorcycle
  • Where to eat Breakfast: The highway doesn’t have many breakfast options – a good place to stop is Sri Laxmi Bhavan inside the town of Chitradurga
    • Masala dosa, Khali Dosa with palya, Gulab Jamoon and filter coffee are a must try
Breakfast stop enroute to Hampi at Sri Laxmi bhavan tiffin room in Chitradurga -
Breakfast in Chitradurga
  • Best time of the year to ride: December to February
  • Enroute: Stop by to soak in the massive view of the Tungabhadra dam and the tunnel before entering the town of Hospete
Motorcycle ride to hampi from bengaluru stop at dam and tunnel view-point of Tungabhadra
Don’t forget to stop at the Dam and Tunnel View Point before Hospet

What to see in and around Hampi:

  • Hampi Group of Monuments: the heart and soul of this town – their discovery elevated this once forgotten ancient town to a UNESCO world heritage site. [Group of Monuments is a collective name given to all the protected temples, ancient bazaars and ruins spread across the town of Hampi]
  • Catch a sunset on Matanga Hill: one of the tallest and the best vantage point to view the town of Hampi- the sunset up from the hillock is magical.
    • The climb to the Matanga Hill sunset point is moderate and can take upto 20-30mins
    • Wear a sports shoe to climb and carry water
    • Sunset from Hemakuta Hill: for those who cannot climb the Matanga hill, Hemakuta Hill has a sunset point accessed by steps and lots of benches to sit
    • Matanga Hill and Hemakuta Hill are located near to the Virupaksha temple in Hampi
Sunset from Matanga Hill Hampi
Sunset from Matanga Hill
Sunset from Hemakuta Hill Temple in Hampi
Sunset from Hemakuta Hill Temple
  • Sanapur Lake: located about 30 kms from Hampi by road, this pristine lake is surrounded by boulders offering a beautiful view and is a perfect place to getaway from the crowd and even take a short nap 😀
    • Best time to visit: early morning or evening (avoid visiting at noon – it’s super hot)
    • Coracle Ride/boating at Sanapur lake: locals offer a 20-30 min coracle ride on the lake, fares start from INR 500-1000 for the entire coracle
    • How to reach Sanapur lake: transport options include hiring a car, local auto rickshaws, personal car/motorcycle and bicycle all the way
    • For the cyclist: I recommend cycling one way via the road ( Hampi > Bukkasagara bridge > Anegundi > Sanapur lake) and take a ferry/coracle back from Anegundi to Hampi [Local ferry/coracle fees is INR 20 per person and INR 20 for a bicycle/motorcycle]
Coracle ride at Sanapur Lake near Hampi
The beautiful Sanapur Lake
Cycling in Hampi - serene paddy fields en-route Sanapur lake
Enroute Sanapur Lake
  • Mythology Circuit: the opposite bank of river Tungabhadra (Kishkhindha/Anegundi) is a must visit for folks interested in Ramayan. Places of visit include:
    • Anjaneya Hill ( birthplace of Lord Hanuman)
    • Vali-Sugreeva Fighting spot
    • Sugreeva’s Cave in Hampi
  • Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary: located 20kms from Hampi, this wildlife sanctuary allows safari within the park from the comfort of your private car and government buses.
    • Entry fees of INR 500 per car + additional fees for INR 25 per adult [No fees for a motorcycle]
    • Carry water and food (do not litter, throw them in designated waste bins)
    • Carry a binocular
    • Timings: Park is open to public from 2 pm to 6 pm

How to travel in Hampi:

Most of them who don’t have their private transport rely on local auto rickshaws to travel from one monument to other, however the below options are worth considering:

  • Rent a bicycle in Hampi : there is no proper outlet to rent a bicycle within the town of Hampi, hence it’s recommended to procure the bicycle from the resort you stay (ensures full connectivity and can be dropped back at the place of your stay)
Cycling in Hampi - At Talarigatta Gate
At Talarigatta Gate in Hampi [Talarigatta translates to Toll Collection Gate]
  • Coracle Ride from Hampi to Anegundi: the locals will take you on a ferry/coracle at INR 20 per person and INR 20 for a bicycle or motorcycle
    • Coracle timings: 730 am to 5 pm
  • Government buses: there is no bus service that takes you from one monument to other within Hampi ( wish the tourism department can come up with a hop-on/hop-off bus service)

Useful information on Group of Monuments Hampi:

  • Entry Tickets: except a few Monuments, entry to all the ruins is free. For Monuments with entry fee, while there is a standard queue, one can also scan a QR code to pay and procure the entry ticket
  • Vijaya Vitthala Temple: the tourism department operates a free electric buggy to ferry tourists from parking till the temple – on weekends this gets crowded, so one can walk till the temple
  • Who should visit Hampi: the inner sanctum of the Monuments are accessible only by walking and there is no separate wheelchair access/ramp
  • Hiring a guide: if you are visiting for the 1st time, it’s best to hire a certified guide to bring forward the context and history of the ruins [look for a guide who are certified by the Karnataka Tourism department]
  • Best time of the year to visit Hampi is December to February
  • There are no dedicated stations/rooms in Hampi to breast feed babies
  • Public Toilets: clean toilets were found only at Lotus Mahal and Vijaya Vittala temple monuments

An arid landscape laced with precariously balancing boulders offset by lush green banana plantations and paddy fields – Hampi is the window to our glorious architecture, richness and culture of the yesteryears.

Sunrise in Bengaluru - riding a Triumph Daytona 675R in India
Enroute Hampi – a beautiful sunrise to see us ride 🙂

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  1. Sportbike Rider Avatar
    Sportbike Rider

    Wow. Excellent blog. Thanks for sharing all the details. Will help people like me planning to go there for the first time.

    Also, did you carry a passenger on the Daytona all the way to Hampe? Damn!

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Thank you, glad you liked the post 🙂
      Yes rode all the way and back – brave pillion 😬
      But the roads are awesome all along, was a super smooth ride 😊

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