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Rajanna Military Hotel Jayanagar Bengaluru

Among the military hotels in Jayanagar, Ranganna Military Hotel and Shivaji Military Hotel have been the most popular – but over the years as the crowds have gone up, the food taste has dropped from “great to mediocre” and the waiting time for a seat have reached nothing less than 30-45 mins (on weekends during lunch time).
Fret not, for there is a new king of Military hotels in JayanagarRajanna Military Hotel 😬

Without a legacy baggage, Rajanna Military Hotel doles out delicious non-vegetarian (chicken and mutton only – no beef and pork) fare of biryanis, non-veg meals, kaal soup, assortment of chicken dishes, mutton kheema, thale (head) mutton, boti, egg curry and even a non-veg Sunday breakfast.
Their nati kolli/chicken dishes are a league above anything one can taste in Bengaluru.

Nati Chicken Meals with Parota at Rajanna Military Hotel Jayanagar 9th block Bangalore
Nati Chicken Meals with Parota

What to eat:

  • Meals: Combination of the best curry along with biryani rice, white rice and mudde.
    • Choose between chicken, mutton or nati kolli/chicken meals
  • Biryani: Typical military style biryani paired with spicy sherwa (chicken-based curry) and curd raitha
    • The nati chicken biryani is the best
    • Choose between chicken, mutton, egg, nati kolli
  • Nati Chicken Fry: the best chicken fry in Bengaluru
  • Kaal Soup: absolutely delicious and a great starter before the meal ( one can order only the soup without the leg )
  • Parota and Egg masala: for the veg/egg lovers, their egg masala is a master-class, supremely delicious
  • Kheema Gojju: honestly I am not a mutton guy, but this one won me over and left the mutton fans drooling – the Kheema Gojju tastes best with the parota
Nati chicken biryani with mutton kheema gojju at Rajanna Military Hotel Jayanagar 9th block Bangalore
Nati chicken biryani with mutton kheema gojju

Useful Information:

  • Sunday breakfast: only on Sunday morning, breakfast consists of idly, dosa, ghee rice, kaal soup (ask the waiter for chicken/mutton dishes to be paired with idly/dosa)
  • Ambiance: basic (non-AC)
  • Parking:
    • Cars: No valet parking + no dedicated parking space (car parking on marked by lanes)
    • Motorcycles: available on the main road at the entrance of the restaurant
  • Mode of Payment: Cash + cards + mobile-wallet, UPI are accepted
  • Wheelchair Access: Nil (it’s located on the 1st floor, access via staircase + elevator)
  • Soft drinks: they serve soft drinks [biryani is incomplete without one :)]
  • No finger-bowl is provided to wash hands after dining
  • Timings:
    • 12:30 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 11 pm [Tuesday to Saturday]
    • 7:30 am to 4 pm and 6 pm to 11 pm [Sunday]
    • Closed on Monday
  • Location: Rajanna Military Hotel, Jayanagar 9th Brock, Bangalore [Google Maps Link]
  • Pricing: Avg of INR 600 (for 2 persons)
  • Avoid the rush: lunch time and weekends attract lots of crowd – reach at 12:30 noon for great service and less waiting time
  • For the Vegetarian: the veg food is also tasty, assortment of veg curries are best paired with chapati, parota and rice

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