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Amba Bhavani Non Veg Caterers and Mess Basavangudi Bengaluru

Started 8 years ago, Amba Bhavani is a completely women-led non-veg catering and dine-in restaurant located on a quiet private lane in Basavangudi.
Popular among locals for the delicious mutton, chicken dishes and biryani, food is served outdoors akin to a French Bistro (minus the wine).

What to eat ?
Chicken and Mutton Biryani:
The most popular item on the menu, the biryani served is a delicious mix of Karnataka and Maharashtra style of cooking – mildly spicy and full of flavour

Chicken Kabab:
The best kabab you can eat in south Bengaluru – supremely tasty

Chicken and Mutton Fry:
Succulent and soft meat cooked to perfection, High on flavour and medium spicy

Chicken Biryani with chicken kabab and chicken fry at Amba Bhavani non-veg caterers and mess Basavanagudi Bengaluru
Chicken Biryani with Chicken Kabab and Chicken Fry

Useful Information:

  • Ambiance: Seating is outdoors on the private road with chairs and tables with umbrellas.
  • Seating capacity of 10-12 people at a single point of time
  • Service: Akin to a fast food chain – one has to order, pay and pick up the food at the restaurant and head out to the seating/dining area
  • Menu: prior to ordering ask them/ look for the daily menu board ( the menu of non-veg dishes is updated on a regular basis)
  • Sunday Breakfast: Served only on a Sunday, breakfast menu has all the non-veg dishes (chicken and mutton), lamb- leg soup along with idly
  • Wheelchair Access: The dining/seating area is wheelchair friendly
  • Soft drinks: they serve soft drinks [biryani is incomplete without one :)]
  • Parking:
    • Motorcycles: free parking on the private lane of the restaurant
    • Cars: no dedicated parking place, numerous by lanes to find a parking spot
  • Mode of payment: Cash + Mobile wallets + UPI [they don’t accept credit/debit cards]
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Tuesday to Saturday: 12 pm to 4 pm (lunch only)
    • Sunday: 7 am to 4 pm (breakfast + lunch)
    • Monday holiday
  • Location: Amba Bhavani Non-veg Caterers and Mess, Basavangudi, Bengaluru [Google Maps Link]
  • For the vegetarian: very limited options to eat, best to avoid
  • Dessert: biryani lunch is incomplete without a dessert – there is a corner house ice-cream about 400m from Amba Bhavani
Like a French Bistro - outdoor seating arrangement at Amba Bhavani non-veg caterers and mess Basavanagudi Bengaluru
Outdoor Seating – akin to a French Bistro

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