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Hotel Fishland Gandhinagar Bengaluru

Since the 1980s, Hotel Fishland in Gandhinagar is renowned for serving spicy, delicious, fresh seafood dishes based on Konkan and coastal Mangalore cuisine.

The basic interiors and average service is compensated by the lip smacking seafood served in the form of thali (plate meals), fried fish (choose between rava-fried, masala), variety of fish/crab/prawn based gravy (semi-gravy) and biryani (fish/prawn/chicken).

Limited Seafood Thali and chili chicken at Hotel Fishland Gandhinagar Bengaluru
Limited Seafood Thali and Chili Chicken

What to eat:

  • Limited Special Seafood Thali
    [while ordering:
    1) Specify the type of rice (white rice or boiled rice)
    2) Specify the fried fish – Bangda/Bangude {Mackerel} or Kane {lady fish} or Surma {seer fish/king fish}
            Tip: Choose ‘Surma’ if you don’t like fish with too many bones]
  • Crab Chili (taste is worth the patience and effort)
  • Biryani (the biryani isn’t spicy, but slightly sweet – but delicious)
  • Chili chicken (the spiciest chili chicken in Bengaluru)
  • Sip on: fresh lime soda, buttermilk (helps cool the spice)

Useful Information:

  • Ambiance: basic (non-AC)
  • Family and kids-friendly
  • Parking:
    • Cars: No valet parking + no dedicated parking space (car parking available on the street across the restaurant, nearby complexes or avoid taking the car)
      • Parking Tip: the best day to find car-parking space is on a “Sunday” – since the surrounding offices remain closed
    • Motorcycles: available on the road at the entrance of the restaurant
  • Mode of Payment: Cash + cards + mobile-wallet, UPI are accepted
  • No finger-bowl is provided to wash hands after dining
  • Wheelchair Access: Nil (it’s located on the 1st floor, access via staircase + no elevator)
  • Timings: 11 am to 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm to 9 pm [open all days of the week]
  • Location: 1st floor, 1st cross road, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru [Google Maps link]
  • Pricing: Avg of INR 600 (for 2 persons) [fish prices are seasonal]
  • For the Vegetarian: limited options include veg thali, chapatis only {the place has the aroma of fresh seafood – avoid visiting if you can’t stand the aroma}
  • For the chicken lovers: despite being a seafood place, the Chicken Curry with Kori Rotti, Neer Dose with Chicken Ghee Roast and chicken biryani are very delicious
  • Ask for hot water to drink – they will happily oblige 🙂
  • For the sweet tooth: they serve basic flavors of ice-cream, but I highly recommend visiting Mantap Ice cream parlor for delicious scoops of ice-creams, sundaes and bars
Kori Rotti with chicken curry and neer dosa at Hotel Fishland Gandhinagar Majestic Bengaluru
For the Chicken Lovers – who order chicken at a sea food restaurant 😀

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