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Azukii Bistro | Japanese Restaurant in Bengaluru

Serving as an informal Japanese culture centre and a beacon of authentic Japanese food in Bengaluru, Azukii Bistro serves delicious traditional Japanese food, sweets, sake and wine. 

Started in 2017 by Chef Rie Goto as a traditional Japanese sweet shop, it has now transformed into a full-fare restaurant with a Japanese bistro vibe complete with the accents and interiors that transports you to Japan 🇯🇵 ❤️

Inside Azukii Bistro - Best Japanese Restaurant in Bengaluru
Vibe of Japan 🇯🇵
Chicken Karaage + Nasu Dengasu + Japanese style potato salad + Wakame Shiitake mushroom soup at Azukii Japansese Bistro Richmond Town Bengaluru
Left to Right – Japanese style potato salad || Nasu Dengasu || Chicken Karaage || Wakame Shiitake mushroom soup

Onto the food then… we tried the following and loved them:


  • Shiitake Mushroom Sushi Roll: shiitake mushroom rolled in sushi rice and wrapped in Nori seaweed – absolutely yumm 🤤. [Choose between 4, 8, 12 pieces per each plate]
  • Japanese Style Potato Salad (Veg): mashed potato and vegetables mixed with eggless mayonnaise
  • Nasu Dengasu: eggplant shallow fried and grilled with red miso paste topped with roasted sesame. If you love eggplant, you will love this dish – tastes yummy!!
  • Wakame Shiitake Soup (Veg):  Wakame seaweed and shiitake mushrooms in a shoyu based broth made from Kombu seaweed stock. Inspite of being a veg-soup, the seaweed taste was very strong and wasn’t to my liking ☹️
Iced Matcha Milk with Shiitake Mushroom Sushi Roll at Azukii Bistro Richmond Town Bengaluru
Iced Matcha Milk with Shiitake Mushroom Sushi Roll
Nasu Dengasu with Iced Lemon Tea at Azukii Bistro Richmond Town Bengaluru
Nasu Dengasu with Iced Lemon Tea


All of the below ones were good.

  • Matcha Milk – Ice
  • Iced Passion Fruit Tea
  • Iced Strawberry Tea
  • Lemon Tea – Ice

Main Course:

  • Chicken Karaage: crunchy Japanese style deep-fried chicken with salad. Very tasty.
  • Bento box: if you are not in a big group and yet want to taste the maximum variety of food – blindly order a bento box.
    • The Bento box consists of the veg/non-veg mains with appetizer, potato salad, Japanese rice and a Japanese-sweet. 
    • Choice of chicken, beef, pork, seafood, veg (tofu, corn-cream corokke) based bento box.
    • The perfectly delicious combo meal 🤤
    • We tried & loved their Deep Fried Tofu Bento Box 🍱
  • Paitan Ramen with In-house made Broth (Chicken): Azuki special ramen made with chicken broth slow cooked for 8 hours. Best chicken ramen in Bengaluru PERIOD.🙌🏻
Deep Fried Tofu Bento Box at Azukii Bistro Richmond Town Bengaluru
Deep Fried Tofu Bento Box 🍱
Chicken Paitan Ramen Bowl at Azukii Bistro Richmond Town Bengaluru
Bowl of Deliciousness – Paitan Ramen Bowl


Honestly, none of the below desserts were outstanding-enough to deserve a repeat order.

  • Anpan: sweet bean filled bun, this was ok – not great 
  • Matcha Japanese Cheese Cake: very spongy and moist
  • Mitarashi Dongo: traditional Japanese rice dumplings smothered in sweet soy glaze.
Mitarashi Dongo Japanese sweet at Azukii Bistro Richmond Town Bengaluru
Mitarashi Dongo
Matcha Japanese Cheese Cake at Azukii Bistro Richmond Town Bengaluru
Matcha Japanese Cheese Cake

Useful Information:

  • Descriptive Menu: Like me, If your Japanese food vocabulary is clouded by “Sushi” and “Ramen Bowl”, then fret not, the menu is very descriptive, easy to comprehend and the serving staff is extremely sweet and patient to explain the food. 
  • Ambiance
    • They have 2 sections to sit – one for small groups and other for large groups – both sections are Non-AC (but have coolers & fans)
    • Best for date-nights, family, kids & group-friendly
    • Pet-friendly: No
  • Service
    • Very Good. – the staff are extremely polite and friendly
    • If you want know more about a specific dish or unsure what to order – the serving staff is very helpful and informative.
    • Food Allergy: DO specify if you have an food allergy, the staff can recommend alternatives
  • Facilities:
    • High-chair for Kids/Toddler/Infant: Available
    • Breast-feeding room: The staff allowed us to use one of the inside AC rooms to breast-feed
    • Wheelchair Access: Entry to the restaurant and dining area is accessible with a wheelchair 
    • Wheelchair Friendly Toilet:  No 
    • Customer Toilets: are clean and well-maintained 
    • Food Parcel/takeaway: They parcel all the items on the menu
    • Food Delivery: Listed on popular food delivery apps
    • EV Charging Point: No EV charging point is available at the premise for cars or motorcycles
  • Expensive Experience: the promise & delivery of authentic Japanese food with most ingredients being imported – it is an expensive meal.
    • Cost of the entire meal for 3 adults is INR 6,500 [No Alcohol]
  • Mode of Payment: Cash, UPI, Credit and Debit cards are all accepted
  • Parking for motorcycles & cars:
    • Limited slots of free parking for patrons within the premise
    • No Valet parking
  • Timings: 12 pm to 3 pm and 6pm to 10:30pm [Open all days of the week]
  • Location: Azukii Bistro, Alfred Street, Richmond Town, Bengaluru [ Find them on Google Maps ]
Feeling of Japan - Inside Azukii Bistro Japanese Restaurant in Richmond Town Bengaluru
Vibe of Japan 🇯🇵

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