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A Day with the 2021 Yamaha MT-15 | Ride Review

‘Good things come in small packages’ – this is the perfect idiom to describe the 2021 Yamaha MT-15

Shod with a responsive 150cc liquid-cooled VVA engine, agile Deltabox frame, short gearing, compact dimensions and low-kerb weight – the Yamaha MT-15 is an “Engaging & Fun” motorcycle to ride 🔥

And the fact that it looks “radical” adds to the OOMPH of the motorcycle 😍

While we yearn for the bigger Yamahas to arrive in India, they have nailed the formula of “teasing our imagination & patience” with the “mini-versions of the MT & R-series”. 😞

Coming back to the MT-15 – all of its greatness is complimented by an even-more mind-boggling element – “fuel efficiency”, which on the bad days hover between 40-45 kmpl in the city 😮

First ride review of the 2021 Yamaha MT15 in India

City Commute:

The MT-15 tackles the hustle and bustle of the city with “finesse”.

A peppy engine, short gearing, sharp steering, wide handlebar & compact dimensions deliver an “absolutely fun commuting experience” that is also  easy on the wallet courtesy the phenomenal fuel-efficiency.

It does have some pitfalls too – all that handling performance translates to a stiffer/sporty suspension, which isn’t plush to tackle our potholed roads + the compact size of the motorcycle renders the pillion seat useless, painful to sit even for a small-sized adult.


The Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) tech that kicks-in after 7,000 RPM lends the ability to cruise all-day long between 80kmph to 110kmph with ease.

What works well is the comfortable rider ergonomics that accommodates the taller riders and no irritating buzz in higher rev ranges.

Shortfalls as a tourer include limited luggage options, no wind protection and stiffer suspension.

Pillion Comfort:

Doesn’t exist. The rear seat is small, and the MT-15 is best enjoyed solo.

Luggage Options:

With a medium-sized rider, there isn’t much space on the rear seat to mount a reasonable-size [30-Litre capacity] tail-bag.

Limiting our luggage options to: 

  • Rider with backpack, 
  • Soft saddlebags on the side
  • Custom fabricate a tail-plate to mount a soft tail-bag 
Ownership review of the 2021 Yamaha MT15 in India

How does the Yamaha MT-15 fare with short riders?

With a seat-height of 810mm, anyone above 5’4 would be able to flat-foot the motorcycle.

Is the Yamaha MT-15 women friendly ?

Being a compact, lightweight, smooth motorcycle – the 2021 Yamaha MT-15 is bound to entice the women riders.

Mileage and Full tank Range:

The MT-15 comes with a small fuel tank of 10 litres. Inspite of the spirited riding, I got:

  • City Mileage: 40-45 kmpl
  • Highway Mileage: 45-53 kmpl
  • Real-world full tank range: 400-450 kms

What I love about the 2021 Yamaha MT-15:

  • Handling & Agility: crisp handling, extremely agile – what a hooligan motorcycle to corner and take on mountain roads 🔥
  • Looks: the most elegant and head-turning 150cc naked motorcycle in India ❤️
  • Fuel Efficiency: the icing on a brilliant package!!
  • Compact size of the motorcycle: makes squeezing in-and-out of traffic like a video-game!
  • Overall Motorcycle: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What I Dislike:

  • Instrument Cluster: While the information displayed is great and Yamaha have made the half-hearted effort of adding Bluetooth Connectivity – reading the info on the cluster in broad daylight is very tough.
  • Rear Seat: the rear seat is most likely for homologation purpose I guess – its so small, even fitting a 20-litre tail-bag with a rider is a stretch.
  • Ugly OE Indicators: The “eye-sore” of this great looking motorcycle. Yamaha India sells an OE-replacement, sharper-looking LED indicators across their showrooms.
  • Mirrors: Absolutely useless with a medium-sized rider with riding jacket at the helm.


The 2021 Yamaha MT-15 summons the “greatness of its bigger MT-siblings” by delivering a fantastic riding experience, looks dapper and yet humbles itself with astonishing fuel-efficiency. 🥰

There isn’t any 150cc naked motorcycle in India that is packaged so well and still a hoot to ride. 😍🔥

🙏 Take a bow Yamaha India !!🙏

Touring on a 2021 Yamaha MT15 in India

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