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A day with the 2022 Yamaha Aerox 155 | Ride Review

The Yamaha Aerox 155 is unlike anything we have encountered 😮

Built on the maxi-scooter format, the Yamaha Aerox 155 immediately stands out from the regular-fare of flat floorboard scooters in India, thanks to the X-design motif, which covers the fuel tank and engine bay.

Aerox review - Living with a 2022 Yamaha Aerox 155 scooter in India

How does it feel to ride the Aerox 155 ?

Don’t be deceived by the silent humm upon starting, powered by liquid-cooled, 4-valve VVA 155cc motor derived from the R15, the Aerox has oodles of power across the rev-range.

The combination of linear power and smooth yet crisp throttle-response deliver a fantastic riding experience.

Mind-you, the Aerox doesn’t quite have that instant rush you get from an EV scooter, but once it gets going, it’s very rapid and linear, and doesn’t lose momentum until the speedo is showing triple digits.

City Riding:

With 15ps at disposal, the Aerox 155 is zippy, fun to tackle gaps in traffic and shrink the distances between stop lights. Weighting in around 126kgs, it’s effortless to ride in the city.

The massive under-seat storage space of 24.5L makes it practical for shopping runs and the office-commute.

Highway Touring:

Never before has a scooter felt so “in-elementoutside the city, the Aerox is comfortable out on the highway, holding speeds of 90 to 100 kmph feels natural and not-strained.

Where it truly-shines is on a winding road, the Aerox 155 feels almost like-a-motorcycle through the corners, holding a line brilliantly.

Ride Quality and Suspension:

Unlike most petrol scooters in India that use a monoshock, the Aerox gets twin shock absorbers at the rear that are set up on the firmer side. 

However the front fork sports a conventional telescopic shock absorber that isn’t as stiff as the rear.

Overall, at high speeds or on smooth pavement, there’s little to complain about, but going over bumps at city speeds isn’t the most pleasant affair

Yamaha Aeroz 155 scooter ownership review in India

Is the Aerox good for short riders ?

With a seat height of 790mm, it slightly taller than most scooters, hence riders below 5’4 won’t be at ease.

For the tall riders (above 6ft), legroom is in short supply. The front fairing constantly brushes the knee and the prominent step in the seat, holds back the rider from sliding back on the seat. In tight braking situations the knee rubs into mobile storage compartment knocking it open.

Pillion Ride Experience:

The pillion seat is decently flat and wide, sitting back-to-back is comfortable, whereas sitting sideways isn’t possible.

Although the visible grab rails are missing, the shape of the under-seat cowl provides a comfortable grip for the pillion.

Mileage & Full Tank Range:

Inspite of such performance on tap, the Aerox’s stellar fuel efficiency in the city is courtesy its excellent Automatic stop-start system.

  • City: 40-50kms per litre
  • Highway: 55kmpl at a steady cruise of 70kmph
  • Expect a full-tank range of 180-200kms

Yamaha YConnect App:

The Aerox 155 connects with the Yamaha YConnect Motorcycle app via BlueTooth, unlike SIM-enabled connection on modern electric scooters.

Hence we don’t get features such as on-screen navigation instructions and music control, but you do get call notifications and SMS alerts.

Last Parking Location: At the outset this seems like a useful feature, but this only has details of the last time the scooter was connected to the phone over BT and cannot be used to trace a borrowed or stolen vehicle. 

Where the Aerox 155 lacks:

Since the Aerox would compete with other 150cc ICE rivals and even electric scooters – it misses out on the following:

  • Features:
    • No keyless operation , while the international variant has this feature
    • Full-function LCD/LED display with SIM-enabled features such as vehicle tracking and full-navigation 
  • OE Replacement Tyres: The current tubeless tyres on the Aerox 155 are NOT available in India. Hopefully, owners will have more tyre choices available by the time these ‘Made in Indonesia’ IRC SCT-005 OE-tyres wear out.
  • Front Smartphone Charging Pocket: too small, doesn’t fit a typical smartphone
  • Under-seat Storage Amenities: NO charging point in the under-seat storage space 

The Yamaha Aerox 155 is the ONLY AFFORDABLE maxi-scooter out there, that is an absolute joy to ride in city-traffic and even on the highways. A masterclass engine coupled with fantastic handling makes this the most fun scooter in India and yet is practical enough to make the domestic-errand runs.

Yamaha Aerox 155 scooter in India review

8 responses to “A day with the 2022 Yamaha Aerox 155 | Ride Review”

  1. Angad Avatar

    Very nice review Ajay. The flat floor bed had an advantage, you could keep a full sized backpack there, what about in the Aerox?

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Thanks Angad 🙂
      Not having a flatfloor would deter people from considering this scooter.
      Current luggage options include:
      – Keep the backpack on the front (it would be slightly higher) – since the feet do not obstruct them
      – Use riding luggage options – use the below link to see

  2. TheAnand Avatar

    Nicely worded review, my apprehensions were about its practicality in the pothole laden city and the seat height, thanks for clearing them up!

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Thanks Anand 🙂
      The suspension is not as comfortable/plush as the other scooters, but Yamaha is offering an KYB rear shock which should address the firmness of the ride.
      Seat height is on the taller side as well, compared to other Japanese scooters in India 🙁

  3. hemanthg4 Avatar

    Nice review Ajay, what’s the top speed like? Is it stable above 130kmph?

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Thanks Hemanth 🙂
      Its very stable at triple digit speeds, doesn’t feel like a scooter at all.
      I did about 120, didn’t go beyond.

  4. Suhas Avatar

    Fantastic review Ajay! This is such a fabulous looking scoot and deserves much better marketing from Yamaha India! Unfortunately, like forever, that company snoozes away instead of making efforts to sell the fantastic vehicles it makes.

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Thanks Suhas 🙂
      Completely, Yamaha India have been hibernating for years 🙁 Inspite of having a fantastic portfolio of products.

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