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A day with the 2019 BMW S1000R Pro in India | Ride Review

Derived from the rich-pedigree of the S1000RR, the roadster S1000R combines the best of the naked street riding experience with the super sport DNA.

The 2019 BMW S1000R is powered by a 160bhp, 112Nm torque inline 4 engine tuned for more low to mid-range torque that makes road riding – absolute fun 🔥

Long term ownership review of the 2019 BMW S1000R in India
2019 BMW S1000R Ride Review and Ownership Experience in India
Touring on a 2019 BMW S1000R in India with SW Motech Pro Roadpack Tailpack bag
2019 BMW S1000R Pro variant ownership and test ride review in India
Oodles of delicious mid-range ❤️

The BMW S1000R Pro variant is shod with the A-list of goodies such as:

  • DDC (Dynamic Damping Control): semi active electronic suspension on front & rear
  • Gear Shift Assist Pro: up and down quick shifter with auto-blip on downshifts
  • DTC (Dynamic Traction Control): traction control at lean angle
  • ABS Pro: includes the ABS to be disengaged to slide into or or out of the corner.
  • Launch control + pit lane speed limiter
  • Touring comforts include heated grips and cruise control
  • Akrapovic HP Titanium exhaust
  • Standard riding modes – Rain, Road
  • Special riding modes – Dynamic, Dynamic Pro
    [Changing these modes gives you a different preset of the bike (throttle response, ABS, traction control and suspensions)].
BMW S1000R Pro with Akrapovic HP Titanium exhaust
Yes – the Akrapovic comes standard with the motorcycle!!

What is BMW Dynamic Pro ?
The dynamic PRO mode is the sportiest riding mode which instructs the ABS and DTC to intervene the least – Best utilized on a race track for launch control, rear wheel slide and many such hooliganisms.

BMW S1000R with Dynamic Pro control module
“MAGIC PILL” Dynamic Pro Control Module – looks like a red/white USB stick 😀

How to unlock the Dynamic PRO mode?
The Dynamic PRO mode can be activated only when the Dynamic Pro coding plug provided along with the motorcycle by BMW is physically inserted into the slot below the rider’s seat.

S1000R Dynamic Pro control module - How to unlock Dynamic Pro and Dynamic modes
The Dynamic Pro control module needs to be plugged under the rider’seat

How to activate the Launch Control?
Dynamic Pro also lets you engage Launch Control.
Hold the starter while the bike is running for a few seconds, and the white shift light will come on along with ‘3 LCON’ on the dash. The number refers to how many launches you have left before you need to ride the bike a certain number of kilometres to have another stab at it

Living with an S1000R:

  • Service Intervals and Cost: the service intervals are scheduled once in 10,000 km and avg cost of service ( based on the 1st service) is around INR 15,000 – 18,000
  • Full tank range: 270-300kms on the highways
  • Pillion comfort: it’s meant only for the rider, however for short commutes the pillion seat is manageable
  • Luggage Options: only tank, tail bags to haul the luggage. Plenty of premium options from BMW Motarrad, Wunderlich, Kriega etc
  • City Commute: courtesy the wide handle bar and upright seating – it’s super easy to maneuver in traffic, but due to the heat from the motorcycle, the frame gets hot and may induce a burn on the inner thigh
  • Mirrors: visibility is good (with the rider in full gear)
  • Dials: very clear to read in day and night – information displayed is crisp and legible

What I like:

  • Mid-range Missile: oodles of torque and power in the most usable RPM band (between 3000 RPM to 7000 RPM)
  • Brakes: mind-boggling stopping power by the top-spec Brembos 
  • Exhaust note: The Akrapovic HP Titanium exhaust sounds brilliant, the bangs & pops when the throttle is let off is “sheer music to the ears’ 
  • Quick-shifter: the up-and-down quick-shifter elevates the gear-changing experience

What I don’t like:

  • Super-sport like turning: making a U-turn is akin to a super-sport motorcycle – one has to run wide to make the turn
  • Custom Suspension setting: There are two settings – Road and Dynamic – and both seem to be varying degrees of ‘Hard’. If there was a third ‘User’ mode where riders could really dial in the softness, that would be great.
  • The frame gets super hot in the city traffic and can induce burns to the inner thigh of the rider
  • Ground Clearance: The cat-con unit of the exhaust often scrapes the road-humps (in-spite of slow riding and with no pillion)
  • Foot-peg close to exhaust: For tall riders, due to the less distance between the foot-peg and the exhaust end-can, the heel of the right foot will be in constant contact with the exhaust – hindering foot movement on the foot-peg 
Touring on the BMW S1000R in India
Very comfortable to put long distances – in-spite of the wind-blast…

The S1000R is a very clinical motorcycle – It’s fast, controlled, enormously capable and the cornering manners will hunt down apexes with an evil gleam in its eye and a mile wide smile on the face 😍.

Mind you, I haven’t ridden the Aprilia Tuono 1100, Yamaha MT-10 or the KTM Super Duke 1290 R yet ☹️
Life is indeed tough.

BMW S1000R Pro variant first impressions in India
The Master-class super naked from BMW 🥰

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