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Sri Raghavendra Stores Malleshwaram Bangalore

One of my fond memories during my engineering days at MSRIT, Bangalore was belting ‘Station Idly-Vada’ after college at Sri Raghavendra Stores – in fact couple of my friends have spent more time here than in the engineering labs 😛

Sri Raghavendra Stores, a modest little place outside the Malleshwaram Railway Station has been serving baby-soft idlys, crispy vadas and delicious chow chow bath (combination of kesari bath and khara bath) and shavige bath (south-Indian version of rice noodles) since 1970’s completing the holy-trinity of south-Indian breakfast places in Malleshwaram with CTR and Veena Stores.

The menu has only 6 items – Idly Vada, Shavige Bath, Chow Chow Bath, Coffee, Tea and Kashaya (a herbal drink, which is a concoction of aromatic spices – the healthy substitute to tea/coffee) and everything served here are absolutely delicious 🙂

Chow Chow Bath:

Yes, you don’t get them separately 😛  In-fact this is their most sold item on the menu followed by Idly Vada.

Chow Chow Bath (Kesari Bath + Khara Bath) at Sri Raghavendra Stores Malleshwaram, Bangalore
Yin and Yang Deliciousness 🙂

Idly Vada:

Soft-idlis that melt once they hit your mouth and the hot-crispy vada with the chutney makes it complete. Don’t forget to ask for extra butter while ordering the Idly-Vada, the taste is worth the calories 😀

The coffee is ok, not great, but perfect to wash down the food.

Idly Vada at Sri Raghavendra Stores Malleshwaram, Bangalore
One of the best Idly Vada in Bangalore 🙂

Useful Information:

  • Only Chutney is served – No Sambar (You will be banished if you ask for sambar)
  • Self Service: no dedicated place to sit and eat
  • Cash only , no cards are accepted
  • Timings 6am to 11am and 4pm to 9pm (Open all days of the week)
  • Prepaid Food system and they parcel as well
  • Location:  Sri Raghavendra Stores, near Malleshwaram Railway Station, Bangalore

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