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Amit Tea Corner Domlur Bangalore

Amit Tea Corner is not the typical corner chai-shop that serves tea in mini plastic cups out of a flask, although it definitely looks like one. In addition to the fresh-brewed ginger tea, they serve an array of fresh foods ranging from home-made samosas (onion and potato-based), bread omlette, bread pakora, puri sabji and even full-blown mid-day meals.

Ginger Tea & Onion Samosas:

Amit, the owner of the shop has nailed the method to prepare Ginger-flavored milk tea with the right balance of the ingredients, he says it’s the way it’s prepared that brings out the best flavor in addition to the proportion of the ingredients.

Samosas, the perfect complement to tea. All the samosas served are made fresh at the shop and not delivered by a 3rd-party vendor. I prefer the onion samosa over the aloo (potato-based) samosa purely because of the crunchiness.

Ginger Tea with Onion Samosas at Amit Tea Corner Domlur Bengaluru
Ginger Tea and Onion Samosas – The best evening snack 🙂

Stuffed Bread Pakora:

Another favorite snack with tea, its bread stuffed with mashed potatoes, dipped in besan and deep-fried – served with tomato ketchup, freshly-made pudina chutney and chillies – best relished on rainy days 🙂

Bread Pakora at Amit Tea Corner Domlur Bengaluru
Bread Pakora – for the rainy days !!

Bread Omlette:

My anytime meal-snack – I love it !!

Bread Omlette with ginger tea at at Amit Tea Corner Domlur Bengaluru
Bread Omlette !!

Vada Pav:

Its not the authentic Maharashtrian vada-pav, but tastes good – the pudina chuntey smeared inside the pav and the green chillies pack the punch.

Vada Pav at Amit Tea Corner in Domlur Bangalore
Vada Pav

Useful Information:

  • Timings: 8 am to 10 pm (open all days)
  • Cash only, no cards are accepted
  • Location: Amit Tea Corner, Domlur (Opposite Domlur Post Office) Bengaluru
  • No place to sit – stand and sip the tea
  • No dedicated car or motorcycle parking (lot of by-lanes to park nonetheless)

Most of the customers smoke and drink tea, one can avoid the passive smoking by savoring the tea at the opposite end of the shop. If you are looking for a quick-snack over a delicious cup of tea and indifferent to the ambiance, Amit Tea Corner will not disappoint you.

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