The R1 turns three

Today is a very special day in my life, 3 years ago on this day, I was thrilled, proud, overjoyed and anxious at the realization of a dream, end to a pursuit – The R1.

It has been 3 eventful and glorious years with the R1 and honestly it is the cycle of ups and downs which has made this journey of ownership of the motorcycle so memorable.

Key of 2008 Yamaha R1

Ticket to Pleasure 😀

 The ogle from the fairer section, to be seen by kids as an idol, to the jealousy of other folks, to that overwhelming responsibility of riding a liter-class monster on our highways, to the constant hunt for premium and better quality of fuel stations on the rides, to those cheap thrills of shifting at 11,000 rpm, to getting the skin of your legs burnt(courtesy riding in the city), to being reminded about the impracticality of owning a super-sport motorcycle in India and to many more such MOMENTS – Cheers!!

2008 Yamaha YZF R1

Special 🙂

 In spite of everything, I love the R1 – it is these small things which make every outing with the R1 so memorable 🙂

 Cheers to the 3 wonderful years we have spent and to many more 🙂


  1. I wrote a bigger reply in my last one, so a smaller one here…. Cheers mate!! BTW, you aren’t there on FB anymore?!?


  2. Ajay, I recently imported an R1 and was wondering the best place to get fuel. It is a 2006 50th Anniversary edition and I am in Malleshwaram area. Can you suggest a good petrol pump to get fuel for this bike?



  3. Ajay,

    I am back again… another quick question.

    The suspension on my R1 seems to be way too soft for Indian conditions. I end up scraping the road bumps (even the smallest ones).

    How is your setup? Where did you get it done? Have you experienced this problem? It is very irritating to drive (esp. in Bangalore with so many road humps) if everytime it scrapes the bottom.

    Please help.



    1. Ram,

      The suspension setup on my R1 is the same as the stock settings. I have never got them adjusted or changed.

      I doubt you play with the loading on the rear suspension – but it does scrape with a pillion – go as slow as possible and try not to approach the road hump at 90 degree or perpendicular.


  4. yo dude .. hows it going.. long time… 3 years nice… how have u been.. like you said tracks days are addictive.. i got into it and got stuck… almost there in getting my novice licence …what else dude… u r not on fb what happened ..


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