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How to travel the world without money

I have been a traveler all my life and money to a large extent has determined the duration of my travels. Ever since, I have been researching/scouring across the web on ways to travel which involves least or no money or make money while travelling – this blog-post is the result of this research.

Presenting you the top 10 websites(in no particular order) which can help you sustain travel for a longer duration (beyond 6 months) with minimal to nil spending.

1) CouchSurfing:

One of the best hospitality community website on the internet, with over a million users across the globe. Couchsurfing allows a user (couchsurfer) to offer his/her place up for stay for free for another coachsurfer.

How-to-get-started – A simple free sign-in form to complete your coachsurfing profile for other members to understand who you are.

2)  Hostel World:

A collection of the best and clean, extreme value for money backpackers hostels across the world. I have personally stayed at one of their recommended hostels in Malaysia and it was worth the moolah. I’ve found some great places to stay during peak seasons by exploring page 2 and page 3 of this website.

How-to-get-started – Sign in for free with an email id or you can just browse through the list based on your destination.

3) Escape the City:

I am so glad we live in this current world – couple of years ago, a concept like this would been a joke. Escape the city offers on the go jobs with a difference based on the location of travel across various industry/domains of expertise.

How-to-get-started – Sign in for free with your LinkedIn account.

4) Road-Sharing: (mostly Europe based)

Roadshare is a social community offering carpooling, free car sharing and hitchhiking services. A great way to travel with a companion for a few days while splitting the costs. I haven’t used this one yet, but included this based on user reviews.

How-to-get-started – Free sign-in with an email id


WWOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms – an amazing platform to find opportunities to work at an organic farm – live the countryside and see the raw world. Food and accommodation would be take care by your farming host.

How-to-get-started –  There is no single universal WWOOF membership , interested volunteer to join the country-specific WWOOF-listed organization – free and paid (depending on the country)

6) Find a Crew:

How about volunteering on a sailboat? Every boat is different in what it requires, from capable sailors or people with technical expertise or just a few hands to carry out their daily chores and the best part – You DONT need to have prior sailing experience 🙂

How-to-get-started – Free and premium membership to get started based on the duration of your sail (365 days of premium membership costs about 26000 INR)

7) Mind my House:

A global  house sitting matching service – bringing house owners and home sitters together. Get paid as much as $20/hour as a house sitter.

How-to-get-started – Sign-in for free using an email id

8) HouseCarers:

Another house sitting opportunity website with a global audience. One of the highly recommended websites by many globe trotters.

How-to-get-started – Paid and unpaid online registration

9) GlobalFreeLoaders:

Another online community which brings people together to offer you free accommodation all over the world.

How-to-get-started – Fill-out an online registration form for free to create profile

10)  Worldhelplink:

A global platform to find that perfect job program while travelling from volunteering services to internships to teaching opportunities with contact information of the program in order for you to contact them directly.

How-to-get-started – you can just browse the site for opportunities or sign-up for newsletters


Most of the opportunities here are from a global perspective – to my eternal dream of Globe Trotting. They may not be applicable to travelling in India. But if you do find such websites, please feel free to comment.

Not all who wander are lost – J.R.R Tolken

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