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Subway – A Healthy Delight

Look around and it is so damn easy to find unhealthy snacks to munch and the worst part they are available cheap and at every possible nukkad.

Increasing waistline has been regarded as  “The Uber Nemesis” of the foodie, to combat this is the ‘Subway’ weapon 🙂

Healthy and taste delights at the disposal and trust me it doesn’t disappoint meat lovers as well 🙂

Wish we could find a ‘Subway’ on every national and state highway of India; Subway India listening??

Chicken Ham Sub - Subway India
Chicken Ham Sub
Veg Shammi Sub - Subway India
Veg Shammi Sub
Roasted Chicken Sub in Indiranagar Subway, India
Roasted Chicken Sub
Single Chocolate Cookie, Indiranagar Subway India
Chocolate Chip Cookie at its best
Single Chocolate Cookie , Indiranagar Subway, India
Single Chocolate Cookie
Roasted Chicken Sub - up close
Roasted Chicken Sub – up close
Single and double chocolate cookies from Subway
Hard to decide which one to eat first
Double Chocolate Cookie , Indiranagar Subway, India
Double Pleasure

PS: Excuse the Cookie indulgence 😛

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