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A day with the 2022 BMW G 310 GS | Ride Review

BMW’s G 310 GS has been the ‘economical gateway’ into BMW Motorrad’s Adventure universe

While the initial offering of the 310 GS didn’t see many takers, the current avatar of the 2022 BMW 310GS has started to win hearts of the entry-level adventure riders.

What has changed in the 2022-model from the 2017 ?

  • Massive price cut from the 2017 model 🤩
  • Refined Livery, that resonates more with BMW’s big adventure motorcycles such as ’40 Year GS’ , ‘RALLYE’ 😍
  • New, elegant-looking All-LED headlamp 
  • Ride-by-wire throttle that delivers smooth and crisp on/off throttle response
2022 BMW G 310 GS Review in India
New headlight – looks good and offers good throw at night

As a Dual Purpose Adv:

The G 310 GS excels on smooth tarmac, broken roads and encourages beginner off-roaders to take on more challenging landscapes.

Despite the relaxed geometry, the G 310 GS boogies through the corners with utmost fluidity.

The plush suspension tackles the rough urban pavement and bumpy off-road terrain with poise.

The Metzeler Tourance on/off-road tires allow the G 310 GS to trundle over moderate obstacles on the trail.

One Size Fits All Ergonomics:

Don’t be fooled by the intimidating stance of the G 310 GS – for it fits short and long motorcyclists alike.

BMW Low Seat for G 310 GS: For shorter riders, the 15 mm low seat (835mm > 820mm) makes it easier to climb on and off your bike and gives you easier access to the ground.

BMW High Seat for G 310 GS: For the giants, the 15mm high seat (835mm > 850mm) is also available.

The motorcycle comes with 4-level adjustable clutch-lever and brake-lever to accommodate the spectrum of tall and short riders.

The taller riders don’t feel cramped in the OE configuration of this motorcycle.

City Commute:

The adv geometry doesn’t deter the G 310 GS from navigating tight gaps in traffic and the soft suspension absorbs even the harshest city terrain with ease.👌🏻

Ride-by-wire throttle, crisp fueling and anti-hopping clutch come together to provide a smooth riding experience.

Pillion Comfort:

Soft, wide pillion seat coupled with neutral sitting position and long-travel suspension translates to fantastic comfort for the pillion. 

Except the lack of power, 2-up touring is a good, pleasant experience.


Acres of space to mount luggage (tail luggage + side panniers), soft, long-travel suspension and well-cushioned seats provide comfortable experience – but is limited with a meagre 11.5L fuel tank and dismal 34hp power output — such is the life of a 175-kg motorcycle with a single-cylinder 313cc engine.😀

Touring on a 2022 BMW G 310 GS in India
Comfortable motorcycle to tour | On-road and off-road

Cost of Service:

Avg of INR 6,000 (includes engine oil change, oil-filter replacement, labor)

Full tank range

  • City: 250 kms
  • Highway: 300 – 330 kms

Must have accessories:

  • 12v Power Socket: located near Instrument Cluster, it is an add-on accessory – useful to charge the phone or sat nav device
  • CentreStand: the G 310 GS does not comes with a centre stand from the factory, BMW sells as an accessory

What I Like:

  • Sharp Handling: unlike a typical ADV, the G 310 GS corners well and turns on a dime
  • Soft Long Travel KYB Suspension: that gobbles all the undulations on road
  • Comfortable Seats: for both rider and pillion to cover long distances 🥰
  • Long Service Intervals: 10,000 kms or 1 year between each service 👌🏻
  • Quality Panels & Switch gear: the quality of plastics, overall fit-and-finish feels like a full-import motorcycle
  • Elegant-looks: the G 310 GS is a very aesthetically pleasant looking motorcycle

What I Dislike:

  • Instrument Cluster: is an eyesore, the legacy monochrome LCD display while shows adequate info, lacks the ‘oomph 😞
  • Non-Switchable ABS: without the switchable ABS, one can’t slide the back wheel 
  • Clunky gearbox: Decent upshifts but downshifts are not smooth. Finding N is a task.
  • ADV Protection: Except the OE plastic bash plate. Hand protectors, metal bash plate, engine protection guard are a miss. (They are sold separately by BMW Motored as Accessories)


The BMW G 310 GS is a suitable entry-point to BMW’s celebrated GS range. Like any budget-friendly ADV, the baby GS has its quirks, but it also provides a welcoming environment for developing riders. 

Living with a 2022 BMW G 310 GS in India
A great beginner’s ADV ❤️

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