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Chikkanna Tiffin Room Nagarathpet Bangalore

When it comes to food, Bangalore has never been so cosmopolitan!! Food from almost every corner of our country/globe has found its way here.

Yet there is something magical about the ‘local-food-gems’ which are known, nurtured and guarded by the locals.

Chikkanna Tiffin Room is one such local-food-gem thriving in the bustling lanes of Nagarathpete in the Old City Market area of Bengaluru. From the past 50 years, this humble tiffin room has been dishing-out delicious Masala, Khali and rice-bath dosas laced with lots of love and ghee.

What to Eat:

Masala Dosa:

Crispy brown masala dosa laced with atleast 25ml of ghee/dosa – things really cant go wrong with this combo 😀

The chutney and potato palya add to the taste.

Masala Dosa at Chikkanna Tiffin Room Nagarathpete Bangalore
Delicious is an understatement!!

Khali Dosa with ghee:

With all the ghee teaming with masala dosa, the other dosas and rice-items don’t get ghee by default, so ask for the extra ghee – worth the extra charge.

The Khali dosa which is crispy around the corners and soft at the centre can be ordered either as a single or double with chutney and palya.

Khali Dosa at Chikkanna Tiffin Room Nagarathpete Bangalore
Yumm Khali Dosa – crispy edges and soft at the core!

Rice Bath Dosa with ghee:

This avatar of dosa is the most difficult to finish – order this when you are absolutely hungry!!

The rice is spicy, but phenomenally tasty!!

The Idlis are decent, but not up-to the class of dosas.

Rice bath Dosa at Chikkanna Tiffin Room Nagarathpete Bangalore
Rice bath Dosa – for the hog in you !!

Useful Information:

  • Timings: Open between
    • 7 a m to 11 am & 5pm to 8pm (Tuesday to Saturday)
    • 7 am to 11 am only (on Sunday)
    • 5pm to 8 pm only (on Monday)
  • Cash only, no cards or electronic payment
  • Parking: Avoid the car (no parking available), motorcycles can be parked in any of the bylanes
  • No Sambar, No coffee or tea is served
  • Location: Chikkanna Tiffin Room, Nagrathpete Google Maps Link

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