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Off Road Riding Experience at Big Rock Motopark – What to Expect

For an average Indian motorcyclist who thrives on commuting and touring, avenues to experience dirt riding on a proper off-road motorcycle or a dirt bike didn’t exist, until a certain C.S Santosh opened Big Rock Motopark in 2013.

Big Rock Motopark is a one of a kind off-road riding training facility at Shapur near Kolar – that is spread across a 45-acre operational farm with a mini-forest, a poultry-farm, vast spaces of dirt trails and a proper off road track.

Off Road Training Programs:

Although they coach professional off-road riders to compete in Indian and International off-road races, their Moto Day programs are aimed to cater the dirt-dreams of enthusiasts. Beginners/Enthusiasts can choose from either a half-day (4-hour) or a full-day (8-hour) training program.

The half-day program has 2 slots to choose from:

  • 8 am to 12 pm (breakfast will be provided)
  • 1 pm to 5 pm (lunch will be provided).
Navigating a Mogul on the Off-road Track at Big Rock Motopark Shapur Karnataka
Joshua , our instructor – Navigating a Mogul!!

Useful Information on Big Rock Motopark:

  • How to book:
    • Contact Information: Reach out to Mr. Nilesh (+919945011116) or Mr. Joshua (+919945205508) to book a slot for the off road program [PS: Don’t reach out to the number on Google – it’s an incorrect number]
    • Expect to follow-up a couple of times, since these guys are full-time professional riders & not available throughout to attend phone calls to take a booking – so be patient!
    • Advance Booking of 1 week is sufficient
  • When to do:
    • Avoid taking up the program during summer – way too hot to ride!
    • The Motopark may close during rains – feel free to call Nilesh/Joshua to check the availability
  • A minimum of 3 persons are required to book a batch and maximum of 6 per batch (since they only have 6 motorcycles)
  • Motorcycles they provide for the training: Honda CRF 230 dirt bikes
  • Cost per rider: INR 6,000 (for half day) and INR 10,000 (for full day)
  • Fees to be paid in Cash at the venue or via online transfer – no card payment or PayTM payment is accepted
  • Complete Riding Gear such as helmet, riding gloves, riding armor (upper & lower), riding overalls (upper & lower), riding boots and dirt googles would be provided by Big Rock Motopark [people with waist size > 36, better to get a pair of jeans upon which the knee armor can be worn]
  • Carry hydrating drink/powder with essential salts (electoral, Gatorade etc.)
  • Location: Shapur, Karnataka Google Maps Link
Approaching a ramp on the Off-road Track at Big Rock Motopark Shapur Karnataka
Off-road Track: Approaching a ramp for a take off!!

Course Structure for Beginner/Enthusiast for the Off Road Riding Program:

The course has three main components:

  • Safety Briefing & Theory: Introduction to Dirt Bikes, Basics & Rider Body Posture, Motorcycle geometry – how this affects the way they need to be ridden etc.
  • Off Road Track Laps: They have a proper off road track with obstacles such as jumps, ramps, berms, moguls etc – the intent is to get used to riding a dirt bike by standing-up, arms position, torque of the motorcycle, rear-wheel slides, loading the front suspension during a turn, gear changing with off-road boots etc.

   Each track sessions lasts for about 15 excruciating minutes followed by a break and back to the track for more sessions

  • Dirt Trails: This involves riding the forest trails within and outside the farm to tackle real-life obstacles such as downhill dirt roads, boulders, sand-bed, small-to-medium rocks etc. Dirt Trails last anywhere between 2 to 3 hrs (I was absolutely knackered and drained after this.)
Dirt Riding Forest Trails at Big Rock Motopark Shapur Karnataka
Forest Trail – Dirt Riding!!

Personally, in spite the horrifying realization of how unfit I am to ride a dirt bike and the immense amount of fitness and training these guys invest – I had an absolute blast with the best of my mates and thoroughly enjoyed the day at Big Rock Motopark – can’t wait to go again!!

Here is a preview of what to expect at Big Rock Motopark – Ride On!!

Video & Image Credits: Nishanth N (Follow him on YouTube and Instagram)

19 responses to “Off Road Riding Experience at Big Rock Motopark – What to Expect”

  1. Nishanth N Avatar
    Nishanth N

    This was one experience we need to revisit when its cooler and our bodies fitter!

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      I agree Nish 🙂 let’s do again when weather cools down further 🙂

  2. Dhanush Avatar

    We wii provide the course complete certificate
    I am interested to participate it

    1. AMAL U Avatar
      AMAL U

      Enikku bike riding bayankara craze aanu
      Off road racing eniikku trein cheyanam ennund athinu pattiya oru place aane ithenna njn voahuaaikkunnu

      1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

        Hi Amal,
        All I understood is you motorcycling & off roading, Big Rock are the best guys who can help you 🙂
        Best Wishes:)

  3. Dhanush Avatar

    Sorry for the mistake in previous comment
    Is there will be a course complete certificate.

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Hey Dhanush, nope there is no funda of a course certificate.

      1. Rajiv Avatar

        6000 per rider for half day & Bike rent have diff anount or inclusive?

      2. Ajay Ananth Avatar

        Hi Rajiv,

        That includes everything (motorcycle, riding gear and food from Big Rock Motopark) – I recommend you check with them incase prices may have been revised.


  4. Akshay murali Avatar
    Akshay murali

    I want to become a motocross. Now I passed My pu studys. What I want to do for it

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Hi Akshay,

      While I am not the right person to advise, I highly recommend to get in touch folks with Big Rock Motopark, they are the best to guide you further.
      Best wishes for your pursuit.


  5. Arjun Avatar

    Hey what about photos or videos of our rides? Do they help with that? Or is it that we should have a friend for taking pictures

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Hi Arjun – any filming or photographs is on you, they don’t do that.

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Hi Harish – I am unable to see your comment, could you please repost your question ?

  6. Kunjai Avatar

    Is this 10000 fee for one day??
    If I want to do it for two days ?, Do I have to pay 20k ??
    Or this 10 k is the fee for the course?
    If so how many days??

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Hi Ratheesh,

      The fees listed in the blog are when I did in 2017 – it may have been revised, please contact Big Rock Motopark.


  7. Arunmuniraj Avatar

    I would motocross

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Best wishes Arun 🙂

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