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Track Day with TWO Indimotard at Kari Coimbatore

Motorcycles represent ‘freedom’ and ‘speed’. While we are adept at handling freedom, handling speed needs training and situational awareness – what better place to learn, unlearn and practice them, than at a riding school on a racetrack.

TWO (Throttle Wide Open) by Indimotard Adventures is first track riding school in India helping you get faster, better and become more aware of riding a motorcycle in the smoothest possible way.

TWO track riding school at Kari Motor Speedway Coimbatore
My First Trackday – woohoo!!

What to Expect at TWO ?

Conducted at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, the 2-day riding school consists of theory-classes called Sessions and track riding time called Drill, where the techniques taught in the classroom are put to practice on the racetrack.

They have 3 categories or levels at the riding school:

  • Level 1 or L1 for beginners who have never ridden on a racetrack
  • Level 2 or L2 is the next level where advanced techniques are taught. L2 need completion of L1.
  • Open Sessions are pure track-riding time and has no classroom time. Open sessions need completion of L1.

I attended the L1 track sessions which covered motorcycle basics, survival reactions, vision, target fixation, body position, counter-steering, throttle control, cornering and brakes.

Indimotard Team (Track Instructors)

  • Anand Dharmaraj aka Anna, the brainchild & founder of Indimotard
  • Shubhabrata Marmar aka Shumi from Overdrive magazine
  • Vignesh Vaidyanathan aka the monk who was one of the first students to complete all levels at TWO and CSS
  • Daniel Anandaraj aka Dodo whose motto is to Shut Up and Ride 😀

Indimotard Team (Track Officials)

Prashanth Kumar aka the Nomad & Pavan Shrikanth to ensure things work smoothly on and off the track.

Instructors of TWO Throttle Wide Open Riding School at Kari racetrack Coimbatore
Humor & Learning – Go Hand in Hand during Sessions at TWO 😀

For L1, the max intake of students is 25 to 30, allocated across the 4 instructors who lead, follow & monitor your riding on the track, providing feedback and tips to improve.

Attending the TWO track riding school by Indimotard at Kari Speedway Coimbatore
The Best Weekend with my brother 🙂

Useful Information:

  • Riding Gear: Although Leather riding suit is preferred, Indimotard allows textile riding gear (which is scrutinized in great detail to ensure safety before riding) + Helmet, riding gloves and shoes are mandatory
  • Track Day Fees is INR 13,500 per person includes track sessions + classroom + lunch for both days + 4 liters of water + Transport to and from the race track to the Hotel in Coimbatore town
  • Additional Expenses:
    • Fuel for track riding
    • Reaching Coimbatore
    • Hotel Accommodation
  • Motorcycle Transport from Bangalore to Coimbatore is available for INR 4,200 per motorcycle (to-and-fro)
  • Track Time: On an average, we did about 120 laps over the 2 days
  • DO not miss to relish the delicious biryani and meals at Hotel Annalakshmi opposite Coimbatore Railway Junction
Chettinad Biryani at Hotel Annalakshmi in Gopalpuram Coimbatore
Chettinad Biryani at Hotel Annalakshmi in Gopalpuram Coimbatore

Thank You Indimotard team for helping me understand the art of riding a motorcycle better, train To Act Not React in situations and become a more-aware motorcyclist.

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