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Rayaru’s Kitchen Ulsoor Bangalore

Rayaru’s Kitchen brings the authentic flavors of Karnataka cuisine to central Bangalore with a delicious spread of ragi mudde, donne biryani, mutton chops, chicken saaru etc. with outlets in Indiranagar and Ulsoor.

Run by Mr. Laxman, Rayaru’s Kitchen is based out of a parking-lot on the street adjacent to Nilgiris Supermarket on Ulsoor Road with minimum ambiance. This outlet being a sub-set of the one in Indiranagar, food is brought-in limited quantities and doesn’t have the entire spread.

Donne Biryani:

Donne Biryani is the traditional Karnataka biryani which is cooked more like a pulao (unlike the layered-style cooking) and served in bowls made out of areca-nut palm leaf.

One can choose from biryani-rice or naati-koli (country-breed chicken) donne biryani or farm-breed donne biryani.

Naati Chicken Dum Donne Biryani - Rayaru's Kitchen Ulsoor Bangalore
Naati Chicken Dum Donne Biryani!!

Ragi Mudde:

The most popular and traditional Karnataka preparation cooked using Ragi (finger millet) flour, salt and water, best enjoyed with spicy chicken/mutton saaru (stew or sambar or gravy), a staple component of South-Indian cuisine.

Ragi Mudde with Parota at Rayaru's Kitchen Ulsoor Bangalore
Ragi Mudde with Parota

Useful Information:

  • Timings: 12 pm to 3:30 pm (Open from Monday to Friday only)
  • Contact Number: Mr. Laxman +917483241249
  • Location: Nilgiris Supermarket Ulsoor Road (Reach there and ask for directions)
  • Food is brought in limited quantity, so highly recommend to call Mr. Laxman
  • Ample parking for bikes and cars
  • Cash only, no cards are accepted
  • Don’t forget to relish the complimentary soup!!
Rayaru's Kitchen Menu Ulsoor Bangalore
Menu at Rayaru’s Kitchen Ulsoor

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