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5 Breakfast Ride Getaways from Bangalore – 4th Edition

The quest for more breakfast ride getaways from Bengaluru continues…

Presenting the fourth-set of the 5 best South-Indian Breakfast Getaways from my beloved city.

1) Gayathri Tiffin Room (GTR), Mysore

One of the most iconic vegetarian restaurants in Mysore, GTR has been delighting food-patrons with South-Indian breakfast for decades

  • Must Eat – Masala Dosa + Kesari Bath + Filter Coffee
  • Distance from Bangalore – 150 kms
  • Highway – NH 275
  • Location – Gayathri Tiffin Room (GTR)
  • Timings – 7 am to 11 am and 330 pm to 8 pm (Closed on Monday)
  • Motorcycle Parking- Available
Kesari Bath and Masala Dosa - Gayathri Tiffin Room (GTR) Mysore
Kesari Bath and Masala Dosa – Gayathri Tiffin Room (GTR)

2) Sri Laxmi Bhavan Tiffin Room

Ask anyone in Chitradurga for good breakfast and they will point you to this place, Sri Laxmi Bhavan Tiffin room is nestled in the central part of Chitradurga town with a close proximity to the fort.

  • Must Eat – Khali Dosa + Masala Dosa
  • Distance from Bangalore – 201 kms
  • Highway – NH 4
  • Location – Sri Laxmi Bhavan Tiffin Room Chitradurga
  • Timings – 7 am to 8 pm (Closed on Tuesday)
  • Motorcycle Parking- No dedicated parking (but you can park across the street before the shops open by 9 am)
  • Recommended to visit the Chitradurga Fort, its majestic !!
Khali Dosa at Sri Laxmi Bhavan Tiffin Room Chitradurga
Khali Dosa – Sri Laxmi Bhavan Tiffin Room

3) Swamy Hotel, Hiriyur

Thronged by truckers, Swamy Hotel is the South-Indian replica of a dhaba which is rugged on ambiance but high on taste of the food and friendly staff.

  • Must Eat – Ghee Dosa + Pongal
  • Distance from Bangalore – 159 kms
  • Highway – NH 4
  • Location – Swamy Hotel Hiriyur
  • Timings – 6 am to 12 pm (breakfast-only) – Open all days of the week
  • Motorcycle Parking- Yes, they have all the space to accommodate an entire motorcycle assembly line 😛
  • Good to Know – There is a separate family section inside the main hotel (recommended if you are accompanied by your wife/girlfriend and kids)
Ghee Dosa at Swamy Hotel Hiriyur
Ghee Dosa – Swamy Hotel

4) Ganapati Coffee Bar, Madhugiri

Popularly known as ‘Shivanna Hotel’ by locals, Ganapati Coffee Bar is a humble South-Indian mess serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Must Eat – Khali Dosa + Idli with Chilli Bajji
  • Distance from Bangalore – 105 kms
  • Highway – NH 69
  • Location – Reach the Superintendent of Police (SP) Office inside Madhugiri town and ask the locals for Shivanna Hotel instead of Ganapati Coffee Bar, the hotel is about 200 to 300m from the SP office (Google Maps link to the Madhugiri SP Office)
  • Timings – 7 am to 5 pm – Open all days of the week
  • Motorcycle Parking- Available
  • Recommended to visit the Madhugiri Fort, its majestic !!
  • Good to know – The coffee (ironic to the place) isn’t good
Idli with Chilli Bajji at Ganapati Coffee Bar in Madhugiri
Idli with Chilli Bajji – Ganapati Coffee Bar

5) Kadambam, Channapatna

Although this once beautiful highway is plagued by the hordes of restaurant-chains and eateries, Kadambam stands out with its authentic Iyengar cuisine.

  • Must Eat – Sakkare Pongal + Khara Pongal + Puliyogare
  • Distance from Bangalore – 66kms
  • Highway – SH 17/NH 275
  • Location – Kadambam Channapatna
  • Timings – 7 am to 12 pm (breakfast) – Open all days of the week
  • Motorcycle Parking- Available
Sakkare Pongal and Khara Pongal at Kadambam Channapatna Mysore Road
Sakkare Pongal & Khara Pongal – Kadambam Channapatna

All the above places accept only cash – No Cards.

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Happy Tripping!!

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