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Moto Store and Cafe Ulsoor Bangalore

Food tastes better when you eat it with fellow motorcyclists ‘ – With the increasing number of people taking up motorcycling in India, motorcycle-themed cafes have become the ideal hangout for motorcyclists and motorcycle clubs to host their members.

Moto Store and Cafe was started in 2015 by fellow motorcyclists Nakul, Abhijith, Vishal and Aashish. They sell a full-range of motorcycle gear and accessories store along with a cafe serving delicious pizzas, nibbles and coffee.

Margarita Pizza

Simple flavors (tomato + cheese) come together on a wheat-based thin crust pizza base to make this delicious pizza – an absolute must try!!

Margarita Pizza at Moto Store and Cafe Bangalore
Healthiest Margarita in town !!

Curd Crunchy Roll

A beautiful assortment of soft center made of curd with spices, chilies wrapped in a deep fried crunchy outer cocoon with rich mayo and mint chutney – slurrrrp!!

Crispy Crunch Curd Rolls at Moto Store and Cafe Bangalore
Crispy Crunch Curd Rolls – Delicious!!

Veg Exotica Pizza

A delicious wheat-base pizza with exotic veggies such as olives, bell pepper and jalapenos.

Veg Exotica Pizaa at Moto Store and Cafe Bangalore
Veg Exotica Pizza

Nachos with Salsa

The perfect snack for those hours and hours of talk with fellow motorcyclists.

Nachos with Salsa at Moto Store and Cafe Bangalore
Nachos with Salsa – the perfect snack during a MotoGP race!!

Useful Information:

  • Timings: 11 am to 11 pm
  • Pet Friendly & No Liquor
  • Smoking Allowed (Separate section for smoking)
  • Ample parking for motorcycles (Psst! – I wish you guys would wash and detail the motorcycles while we relish the food upstairs)
  • Mode of payment: Cash and Cards [They even accept credit (motorcycles) :P]
  • Only Veg food

PS: They are soon launching ‘Moto Breakfast‘ – an easy to carry breakfast for motorcyclists for those weekend getaway rides  🙂

Delicious nibbles to munch and great place to meet fellow motorcyclists – A perfect place to watch MotoGP over weekend with buddies!!

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