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Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore

Good food is very often, even most often, simple food ’ Anthony Bourdain’s most famous quote sums up what to expect at Hotel Gurukripa popularly known as  Bhat Hotel – simple and good vegetarian food from breakfast to lunch to evening bites to dinner.

Located in the industrial area of Peenya,  Bhat’s Hotel is synonymous to home for patrons (from machine-shop guys to the VP Marketing, C-suite brass) who frequent this place for at-least 2 meals a day. The place is crowded throughout the day and yet somehow (call it experience or people management or quick service) it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to find a table even during peak lunch-hour.

Jamoon with ice-cream and chopped bananas:

Hot jamoon and cold vanilla ice-cream with banana slices marinated in the vanilla-essence sugar solution of the jamoon – Trust-me you will finish at-least 2 of them (even on a full-stomach :P)

Jamoon with icecream at Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore
Delicious Jamoon with bananas in Vanilla essence syrup 🙂

Pongal & Lemon Rice:

Pongal (combination of rice + dal + spices) and lemon rice dominate the lunch-orders (tastes delicious + served quick)

Pongal and Lemon Rice at Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore
Rice never tasted so good !!

Sangeeta Snack:

We never ordered this actually – but the owner insisted to try this one (their own ‘food symphony – Sangeeta‘ a tribute to the 7 musical notes encompassing 7 types of flavors from the ingredients) – this is the perfect snack to gorge on during that evening spell of rain with filter coffee.

Mixture snack with spices at Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial area, Bangalore
7 Flavors that delight the taste buds!!

Kesari Bath:

Pineapple-chunks elevate the taste of this popular-south-Indian sweet – yumm!!

Kesari Bath at Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore
Kesari Bath with Pineapple!!

Useful Information:

Hotel GuruKripa or popularly known as  Bhat Hotel in Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore
Bhat Hotel or Bhat Canteen or Hotel Gurukripa – Peenya Industrial Area


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