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Must Do Things for a Motorcyclist in Bangalore

Being a motorcyclist my entire life, I always wondered of ‘What More’ can one do apart from the regular notion of weekend touring on motorcycles. The intent has been to highlight/experience ‘other available facets of motorcycling’ in my beloved city.

1) Get ‘Off’ the Road:

Big Rock Motopark, an off-roading facility run by Santhosh CS and his team providing the experience of off-road trail and dirt riding and yes they teach you to take “jumps” (the closest to flying on a motorcycle!!)

  • Website:
  • Location: Holali Village, Kolar
  • Distance from Bangalore: 60kms
  • Contact Number: +919731799941/+919731733341
  • Cost: half day program (6000 INR/person includes food, gear and the motorcycle – mainly the Honda CRF 250)

Usually their programs/events are on weekends from 7 am to 5:30pm.

Off-Road Program at Big Rock Motopark, Kolar
Off-Road Training Program at Big Rock Motopark

Image Credit: Big Rock Motopark

2) Royal Enfield Factory Tour:

There is so much that goes into a motorcycle and no better way to understand that than visiting a motorcycle factory. In spite of an array of opinions – the RE factory tour is highly recommended for every motorcyclist (especially the Paint-Shop of the tour) – helmets off to these artists!!

  • Website:
  • Location: Tiruvottiyur, Chennai
  • Cost: 600INR/ person
  • Days of the tour: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month
  • Procedure: Register for the tour online and wait for a confirmation email
  • Cameras and Videography during the tour is limited
  • Duration of the tour:  3 to 3.5 hours
Royal Enfield - Factory Tour, Chennai
Royal Enfield – Factory Tour

Image Credit: Royal Enfield India

3) Live the Poster Dream – Luxury Bike Rentals in Bangalore!!

Can it get any better!! You heard me – the first of the kind to rent superbikes on a day-to-day basis (mostly Harleys and Triumphs for now).

WickedBike - Bangalore's first Luxury Bike Rental
WickedBike – Bangalore’s first Luxury Bike Rental

Image Credit: Wicked Ride

4) Sign-Up for a TrackDay Riding School

The best arena to understand and push the limits of one’s riding abilities – a 2 day session on racetrack opens up the mind of the rider enabling him/her to make better decisions on the road.

Bangalore-based Indimotard’s TWO and Apex Racing Academy offer track-day sessions at MMSC Chennai or Kari Speedway Coimbatore.

Indimotard-TWO TrackDay Riding Program , Kari Speedway Coimbatore
TrackDay Riding Program from IndiMotard

Image Credit: IndiMotard Adventures

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