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Preethi Canteen Birur NH 206 Karnataka

Word of mouth and recommendation from locals can never go wrong while choosing a place to eat on Indian Highways – one such awesome discovery is the humble Preethi Canteen in Birur, Karnataka.

Located on the serene NH206 that connects Bangalore to coastal Karnataka Preethi Canteen has become a must-stop breakfast place serving tasty south Indian food.

Vada - Preeti Canteen NH 206 Birur, Karnataka
Vadas – Crispy & Yummmmm…

About Preethi Canteen:

Started in 1989 by Mr. Chandrashekar and now run by his son Mr. Prakash, this breakfast joint has been frequented by Who’s who  – from the locals to the travelers to movie-stars to ministers; yet there is an air of humbleness and an ‘being at home’ feel to this place.

The secret of delicious food according to Mr. Prakash  are fresh ingredients and immense passion for cooking – in fact the cooks have remained the same since day one of operations.

Khara & Kesari Bhath - Preeti Canteen NH 206 Birur, Karnataka
Best Khara & Kesari Bhath on NH 206..

Almost everything they serve is delicious, but I definitely recommend to try the following:

–          Benne (Butter) Khali Dosa – INR 25/plate

–          Vada with chutney – INR 12/vada (the sambar wasn’t that great)

–          Khara and Kesari bhath – INR 24 for the combination

Wash these off with at-least 2 cups of filter coffee 🙂

Benne Khali Dosa - Preethi Canteen NH 206 Birur Karnataka
Benne Khali Dosa – must try 🙂
Curd Vada - Preeti Canteen NH 206 Birur Karnataka
Curd Vada – Morning Sugar Rush 🙂

Quick Tip: Birur is located in Chikkamagalur district (known for its coffee plantations) – so most of the places on this highway are expert coffee- brewers, churning out excellent filter coffee: Tea is an alien drink, so stay out of its way 😀

Preeti Canteen NH 206 Birur Karnataka
Preeti Canteen Birur

Useful Information:

  • Timings: 7:30am to 12:30pm

4:30 pm to 8:30 pm


6 responses to “Preethi Canteen Birur NH 206 Karnataka”

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  2. H S Ramachandra, BSK 3rd Stg Avatar
    H S Ramachandra, BSK 3rd Stg

    Never go inside. It is extremely dirty
    Make use of the Car service

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      I wass there last month and the interiors were clean – thanks for the update Ramachandra

  3. सुदर्शनः Avatar

    Do you happen to have the phone number of Shri. Prakash Holla, by chance?

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Hey Sudarshan – I do not have his phone number

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