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Swedish House Mafia – One Last Tour Bangalore

Woooooooooohooo, was my reaction when I heard that these 3 DJs are performing in Bengaluru – I mean it is Swedish House Mafia –  the top  Electro-trance DJs in the world!!!

No second thoughts – booked 4 concert tickets right away and started counting the days to the concert on Jan 20 2013 –  well I dont recollect much of what happened in-between  apart from the fact that everyday I did get high on their music 🙂

So 2 days before the concert, the ticket vendor announced the opening of about 6 outlets to collect the passes for patrons who booked online and what an absolute chaos it turned out to be and in-spite of waiting for 6 hours – I still couldn’t collect the tickets for the concert next day 🙁

To add to this chaos was the rumor of SHM not playing on the scheduled day (usual thing – before a major concert – generates publicity) but sadly it did turn out to be true – One of the artists couldn’t board the flight from Jakarta to Bengaluru 🙁 🙁

Finally, we got the confirmation that they would perform a day ahead aka Jan 21.

Drama everywhere!!!

Swedish House Mafia - One Last Tour - Bangalore 2013 Tickets
Tickets to Trance Heaven 😀
Swedish House Mafia - Cup Cakes
SHM everywhere 😀

The best concert of my life PERIOD

Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour - Bangalore 2013
Swedish House Mafia – Bangalore 2013

They Came

They Raved

We loved !!!!

2 responses to “Swedish House Mafia – One Last Tour Bangalore”

  1. mand Avatar

    Don’t you worry child is the only number i would have loved to be present for!!!
    Missed it 🙁

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Mandeep, They played that and even the Every Teardrop is a Waterfall from Coldplay 🙂
      One awesome concert it turned out to be 🙂

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