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Au Bon Pain Indiranagar Bangalore

Au Bon Pain translates to “Good Bread” which they churn out in great fashion; I love the way they arrange and present those yummy Oven Delights 🙂

About Au Bon Pain:

Au Bon Pain, an international  bakery cafe chain was started in 1978 by Mr. Louis Kane in Boston, since then they have more than 250 cafes across the globe.

Au Bon Pain Cafe India Limited set up two cafes in Bangalore in 2010 on a pilot basis along with a manufacturing facility in Bangalore which prepares and distributes all their offerings to the 24 cafes spread across neighborhoods, IT parks, shopping malls and hospitals. Spencer’s Retail Limited holds a major stake in the India operations of this international bakery cafe.

I had visited the 12th Main Indiranagar outlet about 3 months ago, so some of the mentioned items may be discontinued.

Lets start with the best stuff:

  • Chocolate Croissant – The chocolate filling inside is super smooth and tasty; wish some chocolate manufacturers could take a que  from these guys 😛
Chocolate Crosissant at au bon pain Indiranagar Bangalore
Chocolate Croissant – loved the chocolate filling
  • Blue-berry Muffin – Soft with a rich-flavor of the blue-berry
Blue-Berry Muffin at au bon pain Indiranagar Bangalore
Blue-Berry Muffin – super yumm!!!
  • Mushroom and Cheese Panini – The cheese made all the difference, although I couldn’t figure out what cheese they had used; nevertheless tasted good
Mushroom and Cheese Panini at au bon pain Indiranagar Bangalore
Mushroom and Cheese Panini – yumm!!
  • Peach Ice Tea – For me ice tea is synonymous with lemon, but this one turned the table – a wonderful mix of peach-flavor, sugar syrup and tea; The Best Peach Ice Tea I have tasted till date 🙂
  • Cappuccino Mousse – One of the best coffee and cream dessert 😀
Cappuccino Mousse at au bon pain Indiranagar Bangalore
Cappuccino Mousse – Best mix of coffee and cream !!

Now the disappointments ( well disappointment is a very strong word – its just that the above things set the standards so high)

  • Jalapeno and Corn Panini – not as good as the mushroom and cheese panini
Jalapeno and Corn Panini at au bon pain Indiranagar Bangalore
Jalapeno and Corn Panini – Stuffing wasn’t fresh!!
  • Chocolate Chip Muffin – an absolute waste of money – MUST AVOID
Chocolate Chunk Muffin at au bon pain Indiranagar Bangalore
Chocolate Chunk Muffin – Not worth it !!
  • Bagel with Hummus – DO AVOID
Bagel with hummus at au bon pain Indirangar Bangalore
Bagel with Hummus – DO AVOID
  • New Chocolate Sundae – Another dessert which didnt taste as good as expected 🙁
New Chocolate Sundae at au bon pain Indiranagar Bangalore
New Chocolate Sundae – Didn’t taste good!!

The menu has changed a lot now with lots of new offerings, about time I summon my partners in crime Sameer and Angad to pay another visit to this place 🙂

Currently Au Bon Pain franchise is present in Bangalore only; about time they open more !!


The aroma of baking and the Peach Ice Tea makes me go back to this place again and again 🙂


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