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Ride Report: Yamaha FZ1 and Hysoung GT650N

Some days are perfect, you wake and you know that today is going to be awesome, no I am talking of being in love with a girl, but about a Saturday where I got to ride, arguably the two best nakeds in their respective class in India on one of the best highways in the country.

Steeds : Yamaha FZ1 and Hyosung GT650 N

Location: NH48, Karnataka

Let me clarify that is neither a comparison test nor a full fledged road test, but a more fun test ride. Thanks to Vasanth and Santoosh for trusting their prized possessions πŸ™‚

FZ1 and GT650 N in India
FZ1 and GT650 N

2011 Yamaha Fz1:

It would be an understatement if I don’t say that this is the best inline 4 naked available in India; such a fantastic and sweet motorcycle, you can stop grinning ear-to-ear after riding one.

The feel of the front wheel rising once I accelerate after 6000rpm in 1st gear is enough to keep me happy the entire day πŸ™‚


  • Rides with any god-damn fuel, you don’t have to scout the highway for premium fuel
  • Butter smooth engagement (I know its an inline4), but the roll-on is super smooth
  • Fun to ride, be it the office commute or those glory sunday morning rides


  • I felt it heavy, but then that changes once the motorcycle starts rolling
  • A bigger tank would have made it ‘The Darling‘ of tourers
2011 Yamaha FZ1 in India
2011 Yamaha FZ1

2011 Hyosung GT650N:

I would say that this is the ideal upgrade for someone who has rode single-cylinders his/her entire life. It is a decent motorcycle but falls short on the build quality front. The initial punch of the GT650 is out of the world, it pulls and pulls away to glory.


  • The initial punch till 6-7k rpm is intoxicating
  • The mounts to tie bungee cords makes it a tourer’s delight πŸ™‚
  • Surprisingly, negligible wind-blast (for a naked) even at 120-130kmph cruising speeds


  • There is no protrusion to pull-out the side stand, which is a PAIN while riding with ankle length riding boots
  • Lots of vibrations(even by a V-twin’sΒ  standard), closest to riding a mixer-grinder πŸ˜›
2011 Hysoung GT650N in India
2011 Hysoung GT650N

It would blasphemous to compare a 5.5lakh V-twin with an 10lakh inline4, both of them have their own charm and fun to ride character.

Front End of the FZ1 and GT650N
Front End of the FZ1 and GT650N

Ride long and safe πŸ™‚

15 responses to “Ride Report: Yamaha FZ1 and Hysoung GT650N”

  1. Arnab Roy Avatar

    Hi, Ajay… Nice write up. M indeed planning for 600cc naked tourer …and if er6n is not coming to India then it may be GT650N …What build quality issues u have felt …and vibes wr ok or too much… ?

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Thanks Arnab πŸ™‚
      Quality of the plastics and welds are my major concern, I would say go for the N650 unless you are very particular about a naked tourer.

      Vibes are part of the V-twin, but I found them too much to handle after 20kms of riding. I would say get in touch with Santoosh or Anant before putting your money, get to know the service back-up and stuff.

      PS: At 4.5-5 lakhs , it is a good bike, but these things are bought once, so wait for some competitors to foray

      1. Arnab Roy Avatar

        Thanks for the Input Ajay. Already had a chat with Santa. Yeah I’m also waiting for the correct time. Heard that KTM350 will also come. May b this year I need to give a pass Since’ these things are bought once, so wait for some competitors to foray’ :D. Till that time few rides with u n ur mightyONE will keep me satisfied. Ride Safe…Ride Long.

      2. Ajay Ananth Avatar

        Glad you have decided to wait, lots of chatter on 690 Duke also, so we will be spoiled by the choice πŸ™‚
        Take your time and go by what you feel, not what others/automags tell.

        Sure lets ride soon πŸ™‚

  2. Sandy Avatar

    I’ve been dreamin of FZ1, the parent of FZ-16 i currently have πŸ™‚ i dont even dare to compare dem but just reading the specs gives an adrenaline rush. Its sold through few retailers in blore too i guess, rite? Weight was my only concern apart frm fat paycheck i’ll hve to give πŸ˜› But wats it on road – 10L as u said above?


    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Yeah sandy, sold across 4 dealers in Bangalore, its about 10.4L onroad. Its a brilliant motorcycle, practical and fun πŸ™‚
      Never too late to buy one my friend πŸ™‚

  3. otto Avatar

    Yah, I agree, the FZ1N is a VERY competant, full-on performance bike, equally good at full-bore tearaways as it is just noodling through traffic. The handling is nimble and quick, with really great brakes as well. The Gearbox, though smooth is not butter-smooth like Suzukis but near enough. Perhaps the one I tested was still quite new as well. Suspension is adjustable all round too. With the 1/4 mile time of just .5 to 1sec behind the Hayabusa, this bike HAULS. The N looks better than the S to my eyes, as there is a certain stand-alone rawness that suits this kind of muscle and go-hard bike. The S screen however, will come in handy for long trips at over 160kph+…It’s about 40kg lighter than the Busa and for all practical purposes on legal roads, the FZ1 is the equal until you delve into the 250kph+ regions. THAT is the true territory of the Hayabusa. However, as an everyday do everything ride, I think I would prefer the FZ1. It’s lighter, easier to handle and service, not so fussy and maybe, less scrutinized by the Law. I really dig the style and feel of this bike. The muffler I can get used to, but it’s no beauty. It’s like a bunch of Yamaha guys searched all day every day for a week and said, this is the best in this junk heap, we’ll settle for that! An Akra Carbon end, or Yoshie or just about ANYTHING else, would be an improvement. It’s the first thing that’s got to GO. Suzuki and Honda has made a big mistake, not contesting this segment. they seem to have given up the 1000cc tearaways(street fighters/ do-it-all’s). Kawasaki Z1000 is right there to have a go but there again, the mufflers are horrendous. It’s like there’s a competition as to who makes the ugliest cans! For me the FZ1 gets my pick, as it’s all the bike any sane person would ever need. It also looks fantastic. The Arbath version is simply superb.

    1. Ajay Ananth Avatar

      Thanks Otto for your take on the FZ1 πŸ™‚

      FZ1 is a very practical motorcycle which makes me wonder why Suzuki aren’t in this segment, although the Honda is there with CB1000.
      I have had the privilege to ride the GSX-R1300 and what a sweet motorcycle it is, one doesn’t feel that he/she is doing 200 clicks.

      1. otto Avatar

        Hi AA, yes the CB1000r is there, but not in all markets. It was pulled from the Oz market due to it’s high pricing which is a shame. It does show that there is such a thing as a “bottom line.” I am waiting for the new FZ1 and also the posibility of a Suzuki GSR 1000, following the excellent GSR 750. That should be worth a look. Meanwhile the FZ1 is still there, looking great!

      2. Ajay Ananth Avatar

        Oh, but the CB1000R is offered in India by Honda and yes it is too darn expensive.
        Yes the GSR1000 and the new FZ1 are expected to give a tough time to the Z1000 (fingers crossed)

      3. otto Avatar

        Hi AA, do you really think that there will be a GSR1000 and a new FZ1 soon? I would have to start saving if that is the case!

      4. Ajay Ananth Avatar

        The 2012 FZ1 is out , hopefully GSR will follow (Fingers crossed)

        High-time to save !!!

      5. otto Avatar

        Thanks AJ,
        do you think the 2012 FZ1 is much different to the previous model? Try as I might and I have had tests of the FZ1 and so on, I just find it impossible to swap my Busa for the Fz1, if one bike is all I can have. I look forward to the GSR1000 hugely as the GSR 750 is so sweet. That might suit me perfectly as well.

      6. Ajay Ananth Avatar

        Well, the Busa is in the different league.
        My advice: retain the Busa and get the GSR (when launched ) πŸ™‚

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